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“I don’t know where the voters had us a couple of years ago in the preseason, but I’ll bet it wasn’t as high as where we ended up,” Tressel said as a broad grin spread across his face. “Maybe the voters just said, we’re not going to do that again.”

Damn it Tressel why do you have to make comments like this with over 2 weeks before the opener? I've got to sleep sometime between now and then.

I'm so pumped for this season.
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This team is a little different. Maurice Clarett carried us a few times and I am not sure Lydell will follow suit......I remain optimistic.

We'll see how "heady" Zwick is too.

I can't believe it's almost time to tailgate.
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JT has always been a close - to - the - vest interview! This may be one of the most confidant replies that I have heard him make! If a young, fast, and very aggressive O-line can keep the pass rush at bay, more fans may face heart attacks due to over exertion (high 5's) than to 4th. q. anxiety. This post Stoked!
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I think our punting is going to kill us. I also am not confidant about our running game.

Lots of questions...too many imo to be considered legit title contenders. I can see 3 losses or even 4 with this much inexperience. I'm hoping for none but think we will have at least 2
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I love Tressel's comments. My two favorites are: when they asked him how he felt about not being the Buck's first choice - "Hell, I wasn't even my wife's first choice." and, I don't remember which game, but a reporter asked him at the half what we were going to in the second half - "We're going to go out there and find out if we deserve it."

If he's displaying any confidence this year, I think it's a really good sign.
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“Have I ever done it 50-50 at quarterback for a whole season? No,” Tressel said, adding, “But we’ll see.”
ew....i hope we dont see that..............EVER.

At least Maurice Clarett will not be a distraction. Clarett, who led the Buckeyes in TDs and rushing as a freshman during the championship season, is committed to getting ready for next year’s NFL draft. A year ago, it wasn’t until midway through the season that it was known for certain that he wasn’t coming back.
Clarett was needed for this article? if they were talking about him as the RB for the '02 team then yes....but not this way.
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what you think

Hey guys does anyone else believe that if Ross puts up numbers early that he'll have a great year?! I also think if he struggles that don't be surprised if Pittman comes in and take away ALOT of minutes tressel in one of his interviews in bucknuts had probably the 2nd nicest things to say about pittman. I think he's making a huge impression! Also I do agree if that if we can just give Zwick time to throw, and give our backs 4 yards a carry then we'll win ALOT of games this year. I think how our team plays on the road will be a big factor also. GO BUCKS!
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jimotis4heisman said:
Wells?? Mo Wells will be a hs sr? Or are you refering to Jonathon wells sr year?? I think most people here realize in our two losses last year ross did nothing. He averaged 25 yards in those two.
Probably meant Mo Hall.


Irizarry and Guilford...armed robbery? :huh:

Not trying to minimize what happened, but they don't have to report that it was worse that what it was. Or maybe I just missed the part that either had a gun or knife. :ohwell:
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