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Hey, we've been dealing with a huge tool over on WeareSC's BB, and one buckeye posted this outstanding link:


I've always wanted to be able to prove that the call was legit, but never had any evidence other than what seemed to be a held jersey.The fact that he ripped Gamble's face mask down had to be called regardless of timing, therefore validating the call even if there was no other interference (which there was).

Sorry if you guys have seen this before. I haven't. And many of us could use this for responding to flamers on other boards.

edit: adding this link for the holding during that game:
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the face mask is weak....and that site focuses on lots of contact that was made after the ball was touched. it does show all the crap before hand that NEEDS TO BE CALLED in a championship game however.

i think the better argument is to simply state that there was pass interference and theres obvious evidence to support it, but if you want to go back and question that call then you need to question all of the calls throughout the game. such as the holding on gamble that wasnt called....or the fact that despite his jersey being ripped off he still made the catch and it was called incomplete (both giving OSU a first down). also, you would have to call the block in the back on the punt return giving miami the ball at about the 15-20 yard line with 30 seconds left. i doubt they drive the field and kick a field goal with no time outs.

or an even better argument than that......

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You'd have better luck trying to prove your point to a door. Cryami fans are not going to listen to anything you have to say or show to them. It's an effort in futility.

You do have to appreciate the fact that since Miami dropped consecutive games to North Carolina and Clemson, they've largely stopped infecting other sites to spread their self-indulgent bullshit. The IC Smack Room has turned into a ghost town inhabited mostly by Va Tech fans. But I guess that's what happens when most of your fan base vanishes and becomes the USC faithful.
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Honestly, I've never had any problem shutting up Miami fans in person trying to run their mouth. Use Riptide's video that shows the absolute MUGGING of Gamble in the 4th quarter. At the absolute worst the call in OT was horrible, and was a makeup call for the non-call in the fourth quarter (and then blown call in a caught ball). OSU got screwed in the fourth quarter, Miami did in OT, and you're back to even. OSU goes on to win. It's just that easy. The only difference is we have tons and tons of evidence to prove our horrible non-call, and they don't have a single shred to prove it was a bad call. Again, at worst there there's definate contact that wasn't enough to be PI/holding. It's borderline, the non-call on Gamble is inexcusable and obvious.
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osugrad21 said:
BfS...was that my link? I posted that over there last week when some guy was trashing JT out of the blue.

Miami fans never cease to amaze me.
You were on the thread I think, but didn't post the link (rockmason29 did). I'm ESPiN Hater, if you couldn't figure it out by the far-too-long posts.
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