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fuck ttun

  1. 5 STAR U-G-A

    Why I'm Leave-ing Buckeye Planet (Hiking, Gardening, Nature Stuff Discussion)

    April Fools. Kinda. The thread title is a joke (which I'll change later), but Spring has come here in GA (with trees flowering): And I thought of starting a thread about hiking, trees, plants, gardening, etc. I know we have some green thumbs here based on some of the comments about...
  2. 5 STAR U-G-A

    To Return to the Office, Or Not Return to the Office, That is the Question (Future of Work Thread)

    Goldman Sachs’ CEO demanded all employees return full-time to the office. Only half showed up BY GEOFF COLVIN https://fortune.com/2022/03/11/goldman-sachs-return-to-work-employees-david-solomon/
  3. 5 STAR U-G-A

    Technology Gone Wild: Rise of the Machines

    https://www.engineeredarts.co.uk/robot/ameca/ Equally impressive and creepy:
  4. 5 STAR U-G-A

    Probably The Worst Internet Content of All Time

    No, I'm not talking about my posting history on Buckeye Planet. I came across this story and considered originally posting the article in the "weird headlines outside of Florida thread," but this isn't really a headline from a news publication per se, and the more I looked into this story, more...