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Recent content by ranger71

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    Do you think that ESPN might want to come to Columbus for the Texas game?

    Nine months is forever. I'm in Colorado so not as exposed as those living in Ohio. But I believe if nothing else happens to give weight to Mo's story in the next eight month, this will be a non story. U of C just went thru a nightmare and it is not much of a story now. I don't mean this story...
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    FB Bob Ferguson -1961 Maxwell Award winner (official thread)

    I never was able to see Bob in person, but I read a lot about him. I was in the marines and my only chance to follow the Bucks was through the sports pages. He was a great back and from what I've read, just as great as a person. I'm very sorry for his family.
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    Buckeye Offensive Coordinator Discussion (merged)

    To jaxbuck i was replying to Your post on the thread only. Woody didn't Average in the high twenties as I suggested. Your post suggested that he often scored in the 40-50. That was what I took issue with. If he averaged 24 he didn't do it often and that was my point. But how can you be so upset...
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    Buckeye Offensive Coordinator Discussion (merged)

    Back on point. Can anyone tell me the points scored while Woody was the coach? I may be a bit low, but suggest it was closer too 27 than to 40 per game. As to being a fuckstick, that may be true, but rather that, than a poor example of a poster/fan that you represent. One national...
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    Buckeye Offensive Coordinator Discussion (merged)

    Excuse me. I believe I said average, you point out a few years in a 25 year period. I'll stick with my post and let you rant. Maybe two pills would settle you down. What is wrong with winning by 26. T must have called some good plays. By the way when you post try to do so with less malice. Thanks
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    Buckeye Offensive Coordinator Discussion (merged)

    Woody 40-50 points I Don't have the info in front of me, but i would bet over his tenure at tOSU Woody didn't average more than 27 points a season, if that much. They won the game and looked good doing it. Take a pill and lie down.
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    This is worse than Clarett.

    Give it a rest! A young man made a mistake. As I recall Woody gave a player(s) some pocket money in the late 50's and OSU was put on probation. These kids, I'm 61 are just that kids. If you never screwed up go ahead and rant. Please remember it's only a game, not life and death. I like...
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    tOSU v. Portland State

    Thanks for the score!