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Sep 24, 2005
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    1. jwinslow
      Please pm me a link to the groban thing
    2. Deety
      Is it game time yet?
    3. jwinslow
      :lol: That img host always cracks me up, but this time is particularly enjoyable.
    4. jwinslow
      ok, so that wasn't supposed to be negative, but man :(
    5. starBUCKS
      "We are going to get Kathleen a dream trip to a toy store"

      "Tree Town Toys is Ann Arbor’s premier specialty toy store featuring thousands of toys and games"

      Win, win for them...
    6. mbart
      Wondered if you found tickets to the Miami game. We have two tickets, Section 24C Row 21. My husband had to purchase 4 seats together and now has to sell our two tickets... we are asking the same price that we paid each for the 4 which is $250 each. If you are interested, please let me know. Thanks!
    7. jwinslow
      :lol: where is that hand?
    8. jwinslow
      Need some advice:

      Markice Pouncey, OG, Fla
      1st rd talent - wash desperately needs ol help. LT is a bigger need but few options here. A great interior lineman would help their aging line.


      Shaun Cody, NT, Bama
      Washington just signed a 4 year starter NT that is rarely healthy.

      They're switching to a 4-3 and Albert belongs at de.

      If the new signed dt is healthy they have a great front 3, with a great rush olb in orakpo and a better version of gholston opposite him in Carter. Mcintosh is a nice piece in the middle. We need another mlb though.

      Cody is a monster, but only plays 40% of snaps, and Washington might have a nt via free agency, with a big IF about his health.

      My heart likes Cody, my head likes pouncey.

      Any feedback?
    9. jwinslow
      I sense something; a presence I've not felt since...
    10. jwinslow

      See you lurking out there, friend.
    11. jwinslow
    12. BUCKYLE
      Merry Christmas...even if you don't come 'round anymore. :shake: :lol:
    13. jwinslow

      Happy Socially Mandated Non Specific Holidays, friend!
    14. BUCKYLE
      Fuck M*ch*gan
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