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muffler dragon
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  • Trying to sell my house in Zanesville so I don't have to commute to Columbus every day. Hoping to get an offer soon. Beside that misery I have no complaints. :lol:
    Not nearly often as I'd like but I still beat em up on occasion. How are things in the northwest? Plan on making my first trip out there this fall. Can't wait

    There was a recruit on Wednesday, first name of Cassanova, that flipped from Clemson to Auburn. He's from Birmingham, but said his reason was because he couldn't find a Chick-fil-a on Clemson's campus. Funny thing is, there's one within a mile of the center of campus :lol:
    Went from a very good class a just a month ago to a very average one today. We're at 48th nationally on Rivals. Obviously we lost Dodson to you guys and also lost JJ Denman to Rutgers. It's largely due in part to losing six assistants in the offseason. I think it's Bielema's smallest class since he got here. So, in summation, not too good.
    You are paying mostly for the luxury - high quality leathers, ultra-comfortable seats, lots of wood, etc. The cars are hand-built, and they take a long time to produce (up to 400 hours for one car). The reliability and performance is much better now that the Germans own them (Volkwagen owns Bentley, BMW owns Rolls). Still, is a Bentley really worth twice as much as a BMW 750 iL or a Mercedes S550 ... or thrice as much as a Lexus LS 460?
    I can't decide. I love the look of the GT (coupe), but the Flying Spur (sedan) is more practical. Both come with 12 cylinder engines, so they are smooth rides at high speeds. The interiors are magnificent as well.

    I'm pretty sure that the white sedan in your pictures is a Rolls - the suicide doors give it away.
    I just graduated from college there last year, and being in athens still I'm not too far away. My parents still live outside of town, yourself?
    Oh no, the whole thing was bascially ridiculous. Although the 3 guys we did have that qualified, we hazed the shit out of.
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