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  • :lol: Yeah he is that kinda dude. I don't have any problems with Husker fans. Hell, even on BTN's facebook page where every schools retarded fans come to play, most Husker fans are eerily polite. I also understand Bo's loyalties can't be divided...but all he had to say was it was wrong.
    I played football. We were never allowed on the field while either teams band were performing. Ever. Guys that grew up playing football know better. I honestly don't think the kicker intended to shit on Script Ohio. I also don't believe he didn't know he shouldn't be out there. I would be fucking pissed had our team interrupted your tunnel walk, but I take CFB traditions seriously. My biggest beef is with Bo. He knows what that means to Buckeye fans. I expect at least for him to acknowledge it was wrong.
    I spent two or three weeks in Omaha working when I was a young buck. I actually liked it a lot. One of my favorite "big" cities I've visited. Actually reminded me a lot of Columbus, except Omaha had hills. :lol: I ate at this place called "New York Burrito" every fuckin' day. The food was decent, but the owner talked shit about CFB, so I loved the place. Also, I've only been to two cities that in my imo, took CFB as seriously as Columbus. One was Knoxville, and the other was Omaha. I was impressed that though Nebraska wasn't located in Omaha, a new housing addition had used white gravel instead of grass for the devil's strip (the strip of *usually* grass between the sidewalk and street), and every twenty feet or so there was a red gravel "N". I thought that was fuckin' awesome. :lol:
    I'm old enough to remember it, and I think I maybe, kinda, sorta do. But I definitely wasn't making that connection without the prompt. If you'd given me something like "Mikey likes it", I'd have been right there with you.
    As I said, and as I hope was obvious, I was just joking around with you. But I agree it's a wise decision to not have the vulgarity attached every time you post. You argumentative prick.
    Sometimes, when I see your avatar but am not looking directly at it, I think it's a parrot wearing curlers.

    + [IMG]

    That's not weird or anything, though.
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