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What will it take for OB to be known as great ?


I think that he will be our best coach ever if he wins a NC. It is hard to dominate in college hoops now with all the pairity. He has shown that he is one of the best bench coaches of all time. And now he is establishing himself as a decent recruiter. The difference between him and other good recruiters is that he will only recruit a player with integrity. Coach K. is cut from that cloth but it took him many years to get where he's at. If OB doesn't get tired, I think he will be a hall of fame coach.
I think it would be hard for anyone to top Fred Taylor as the greatest OSU coach. You'd have to win 2 national titles, get to several (more :)) Final 4s, and win about ten B10 titles. I certainly am pulling for Coach O'Brien, but that's a lot to ask of anyone.

But I already have O'Brien penciled in as the second greatest coach in OSU history. I have complete confidence and trust in him and his decision making, strategy, recruiting, etc. We are so lucky to have two great coaches like O'Brien and Tressel.
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Hey Nixon, I understand what your saying and OB will most likely not get the title of best OSU bball coach. But I think if he gets at least one NC, another final 4 or two, and more of the recruits that he is bringing in more recently, he wins my vote. It is much harder now to win consistantly than during FT's time. The bball program is always overshadowed by the great Football team we have but yet he convinced some great recruits to come and turn OSU into a school who is also big in bball.

I think that he gets a moral victory if he can get people to say "tOSU is a Football and Basketball school". Mich St. Has done it and we already are ahead of them on the football end. I think we can surpass them on the basketball side as well. The key is, get people to say this while the football team is still doing well. OSU is blowing up !!!!
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I think you have a good point about MSU. They didn't win their first NC until they had Magic. Even if we were sitting here in 1990, it would have seemed silly to suggest that MSU had much on OSU in hoops, historically and currently. But they built up a great program in the 90s, much as OB is trying to do right now.

We have all the elements: a great facility, a great coach, a good tradition, a great school...OSU can become a hoops power, and I think OB is the right man to take us there.
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