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Ron Wolf leaves the Browns


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Too bad because Wolf could have help the Browns... if there is anything he could have done it would have been help them with the draft.

Browns' Davis: He'll 'take some... responsibility' for Wolf leaving
April 16, 2004
SportsLine.com wire reports

BEREA, Ohio -- Cleveland Browns coach Butch Davis took some blame Friday for the departure of Ron Wolf, who spent less than three months with the team as a part-time football consultant.

Wolf abruptly resigned earlier this week, saying he wasn't asked to do much by Davis during his short time with the Browns. The club hired the former Green Bay general manager as a talent evaluator and adviser.

Wolf said he was bothered by recent comments made by Davis, who dismissed some of the opinions offered by the 65-year-old.

In his first public comments since Wolf left, Davis said he was sorry about the way things transpired.

"I really regret the way it turned out and ended, and I'll take some of the responsibility for that," Davis said during a pre-draft news conference. "I'm the first to admit that there's times that I regret things I said. I'm human.

"I make mistakes. Out of frustration and anger, sometimes I'll say things in a flippant remark."

Wolf, who built the Packers into a Super Bowl champion, based part of his decision to leave on Carmen Policy's resignation as team president. Policy will step down on May 1 but remain with the Browns as a consultant for the remainder of the season.

The departure of Policy and Wolf is fueling perception that Davis is a tyrant and unwilling to listen or accept opinions.

Davis was asked if it was fair that people think he is a "king."

"I think it's an unfortunate perception," said Davis, adding he never makes a decision without the blessing of others in the Browns' front office. "Everybody talks. Everybody has input. It's a collaborative effort."

Davis dismissed Wolf's assertion that he wasn't used by the Browns. Wolf was given projects to work on during free agency and the team had planned to bring him in next week during final preparations for the draft.

"It's gone awry and unfortunately it's something that just isn't going to happen," Davis said.

The Associated Press News Service

Copyright 2004, The Associated Press, All Rights Reserved
It's simply amazing how Davis can have all of the power in that organization, and never get any of the blame for the fact the frachise continues to wallow in it's own mediocrity. When a team sucks, the coach removes or repels virtually every other important contributor (assistant coaches, front office, scouts, QBs), and the team still sucks, doesn't that say something about the coach?
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