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QB Justin Zwick (Official Thread)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Alumni' started by BuckNutty, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. AKAK

    AKAK Well, that's like hypnotizing chickens. Staff Member Tech Admin

  2. ScarletNGry

    ScarletNGry Moderator Staff Member

    I know clean up time at the end of the game is not the same as full game speed but I think that is where Troy needs to be getting his time. You can see the disruption in the offense when the change is made and it is not just one series. It effects the next few series and gives the defense of the opposing team a few mins to catch their wind and talk to the coaches about the our offense is doing to them while we go 3 and out. Zwick was really feeling it and I think had he stayed in we may have established more dominance in the first half. Tressel know far more than most abouit how to run a football team so in no way would I preach to him about this, but I feel he allow Marshall to stay in the game longer than they should have been in it. Then you see the scoreboard and notice a few upsets and all the sudden that Marshall squad is feeling that they are going to win, we should have crushed them early and kept pouring is on.
  3. Bucktastic

    Bucktastic Troy Smith for HEISMAN

    Fine. But just make sure its garbage time, and NOT when Zwick is actually gaining some momentum.

  4. Its not about garbage time smith needs real game time. Its a matter of when I do think we broke some momentum. I also think if you pull Jz after a pick or a 3 and out you hurt him. So when do you get smith quality time, garbage time is no help when your timing with the first team recievers, backs, line etc aren't their. :osu:
  5. DEBuckeye

    DEBuckeye It ain't easy, bein' cheesy.

    Why not garbage time? He'll still get chances at running the offense. Putting Smith in when Tressel did so on Saturday was horrible timing. Zwick was really getting comfortable and settling into a groove. That's not the time you give #2 a shot.

    You can really see Zwick getting better as the games go along. Obviously, int's need to stop, but a young QB is going to make those mistakes. Outside of that, he is doing extremely well. I am so pumped up about having a kick-ass QB/WR combo like Zwick and Holmes. When was the last time we could really get excited about our passing game? He's going to take our offense to the next level.

    Big test for him this Sat. on the road for the first time. Maybe there's less pressure not playing for the home crowd, though. If he can stay calm and have a good game at NCSt, he'll be ready to roll.
  6. JCOSU86

    JCOSU86 Go Bucks! Staff Member

    :lol: Garbage time....:lol: When exactly is garbage time for the Buckeys?
  7. tsteele316

    tsteele316 Mr. Such and Such

    You cant really call bryce bishop, shane olivea, and adriene clark a lighter more moblie OL. You have to at least give the OL this season and some of next before proclaiming it a failure.
  8. scooter1369

    scooter1369 HTTR Forever.

    Last year and this year. Not 2002. Olivea and Bishop came in last year lighter than 2002. Only Clarke got bigger IIRC. Last year that's all we heard. "Slimmed down, more mobile, quick" were the words describing our line. I don't think it helped most of the time.
  9. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0

  10. OSU1978

    OSU1978 Newbie

    QB Justin Zwick

    I just wanted to point out that although we struggled on offense yesterday we still got out with a win and Zwick some serious away game experience. I watched my DVD of the game today and from what I saw it looked like Zwick threw behind the receivers numerous times. NCST was sending the house and this only added to his nerves but this experience in a hostile environment is extremely valuable. I look for him to really improve and have a great game when we play N'western in a couple weeks.

    We all know Lydell has some issues with his vision but I thought he did run hard especially on his TD run. Did anyone notice Joe was in the game on the goalline? I think we will see more of Pittman but from what I have heard, Lydell is our best blocker out of the tailbacks which keeps him in the game. Yeah I know he missed some blocks in the passing game but on a couple of those it was a delayed blitz and he had already went to help the right tackle.
  11. bukIpower

    bukIpower Senior

    Yeah I agree with you. He did run hard at times but still fumbles to easily as you pointed out. With Pittman we can keep the chains moving which in fact will keep the other offense off the field. We'll need that when Purdue rolls around guys. Zwick did throw behind recievers all day but in time it'll all fall in place.
  12. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    Although I watched the entire game yesterday, the Einsteins at GamePlan forget to go back to video during that play (had audio only) after a break, so I missed his fumble. In a way, I'm glad I did, (saved myself an aneurysm). We had two boneheaded plays in the second half...Ross' fumble and Pitcock's dumbass roughing the passer deep in NCSU territory on 3rd and long which gave them a first down and allowed them drive score a TD later on the drive. Those don't happen and we win 29-7 vice 22-14.
  13. buckeyebri

    buckeyebri 40 Days in the Hole

    Agree with you on those observations Mili. I thought JZ did a good job playing his first game in HOSTILE territory. No turnovers was huge, especially with the pressure they were bringing. JZ will continue to get better.

    I would still like to see us find a way to work Smith into the offense. There is just too much talent to let sit there.
  14. funman

    funman Rookie

    I think JZ over corrected for throwing the ball to S last week. He was keeping the ball out of the middle, away from the S, and throwing behind receivers cutting toward the middle of the field as a result.
  15. BrutusBobcat

    BrutusBobcat Icon and Entertainer

    Bri, I am down with all of the calls to get Smith more involved, but you HAVE to have a healthy, well prepared backup QB.

    Even when he's just standing on the sidelines with a clipboard, TS is providing a valuable service to this team. You send him out to return kicks or something and he gets his knee torn up, then where are you the rest of the year? Down to two scholarship QBs and a backup who has never taken a snap (who you wanted to redshirt anyway).

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