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Congratulations OSU Basketball 20 win season!


Watching. Always watching.
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Congratulations to Coach Matta and his Ohio State Buckeye basketball team on a much unexpected 20 win season. Had both teams been equally rested and had the same time to prepare, my money would have been on you guys to beat Wisconsin last night. But there is no shame in that loss to a good team.

Your upset of #1 Illinois, ruining their perfect season in their last game, your integrity and guts despite knowing that there would be no NCAA tournament this year and the fair share of personal tragedies you have endured mark this team as one of the standout teams of recent decades.

Be proud of what you have accomplished! You have represented yourselves and Ohio State well. Congratulations on your accomplishments!
Indeed stellar play all around, showed a lot of heart and the underclassmen stepped up big and have us excited about the future. Winning the tourney might have been better, but I really hope we can land at least cook in this offseason (which was made into a possibility by this team's gutsy play all year and especially knocking off the unbeaten Illini).

Thank you Thad for turning around a troubled, misguided bball team and turning them into a tourney caliber team. We can't wait to see what you do in the years to come.

BFC thank you for gutsy play despite the unthinkable loss of your mother. Tony thanks for some great games and for learning to play in your role as you were relegated to teh bench. Both of you contributed largely to teh 20 wins this year, and helped to set the foundation for the Thad Matta era in tOSU bball.

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