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Recent content by Saw31

  1. Saw31

    Shark Week

    Happy Shark Week!
  2. Saw31

    What are you currently watching on TV?

    It sounds like all the women have disappeared at night. If it is a serial killer, he doesn't want any chance someone will see him. To me, that means he knows people will recognize him. Like I said, the promos for this series make it sound like this guy has not been caught. Maybe he has and the...
  3. Saw31

    What are you currently watching on TV?

    I'm also watching Shark Week. I've watched Shark Week since the first one. I love this shit...
  4. Saw31

    Tim Tebow (Blessed)

    He cares about all of us. Especially Buckeyes. Even more than Gators. free gatorubet! edit: I gotta piss. I will say a prayer for Buckeye success while I'm out there.
  5. Saw31

    What are you currently watching on TV?

    Have you watched this show? Had no idea this shit was going on. It should be news all over the eastern side of the state at least. And in West Va. I'm 3 episodes in and no talk of the FBI coming in. They are the experts, bring them in.
  6. Saw31

    What are you currently watching on TV?

    I've only been to Chillicothe a couple times. I understand you fuckers are a down home, salt of the earth people. Had no idea how much heroin problem is down there. Like everywhere else. Gotta be scary with these women disappearing.
  7. Saw31

    What are you currently watching on TV?

    I watch Discovery ID for the murder mysteries and how the scumbags got caught and sentenced. I hate when there's no "good" resolution in the case they're showing, but I get it that this is a popular channel and maybe somebody has information.
  8. Saw31

    Game Thread THE GAME, 11/26/16, 12pm ET, ABC

    They aren't even our rival anymore. *ich*g*n State is our real rival... 8D
  9. Saw31

    What are you currently watching on TV?

    Watching "The Vanishing Women" on Discovery ID about the "maybe" serial killer in Chillicothe. Ohio produces some 5 star serial killers. I have a fascination about these guys, but I watch these shows to see how they caught them. Its not like Hollywood TV, duh. I don't think they've caught this...
  10. Saw31

    Tim Tebow (Blessed)

    He's one of those Jesuses that you hate when they're on another team, but love when they're on your team. He's a Buckeye now, so he's my kind of Jesus... LOL gatorubet. He's our Jesus now! Free gatorubet!
  11. Saw31

    People to Punch, Pet Peeves, and General Vexations (mega-merge)

    So how are you gonna call 911 when your kid and your cell phone have melted in the back seat of a hot car? On a serious note, in Ohio you now face no liabilities for breaking into someones car to rescue a child.
  12. Saw31

    K Mike Nugent (All American, Lou Groza Winner, National Champion)

    I was at that game... Nuuugggggeeee!