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Recent content by Mr.Blonde

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  1. Mr.Blonde

    #24 Ohio State vs. #1 Purdue, Jan. 5, 7PM EST, FS1

    Without a doubt the worst press-breaking program in major college basketball.
  2. Mr.Blonde

    QB Kirk Herbstreit (Frosted Quips)

    Urban Meyer watching this scene very closely....
  3. Mr.Blonde

    Big Ten and other Conference Expansion

    I have ESPN on YouTube TV. It's part of their basic package which more or less mirrors the typical cable setup. I have no doubt that my subscription would be lower if ESPN was not included in that basic package, or ideally was offered as a part of a sports tier bundle, or more ideally a la carte...
  4. Mr.Blonde

    WR Chris Olave (1st Team All B1G, 1st Team All-American, New Orleans Saints)

    Some nice shake-and-bake at Saints camp the other day..
  5. Mr.Blonde

    Big Ten and other Conference Expansion

    Could someone explain to me why we keep conflating Oregon's Nike money with these TV media rights deals? On this board and some others I'm on there will a be a great debate about media markets, TV households etc. then someone will mention Oregon's candidacy for membership in the new Big Ten, not...
  6. Mr.Blonde

    $4.49 a gallon, what do you have??

    Seattle - Filled up yesterday, $6.11 a gallon.
  7. Mr.Blonde

    2024 AZ QB Dylan Raiola (OSU decommit)

    They look like they could be brothers, looks and size-wise. Outstanding.
  8. Mr.Blonde

    SimPLLLLLLLe Jim "6-13" Harbaugh (Chirpy McFuckFace)

    I don't know where to start, so I'll just put this up and let it run its course.....
  9. Mr.Blonde

    How's the weather?

    Dateline Seattle: Cold and wet; even for us web-footed people its been a bit much. We've had about 28 hours total time above 70 degrees this year. Only two days this year, April 7 and June 2 has it been over 70 degrees at all. The current 7 day forecast does not have one day in the 70's...
  10. Mr.Blonde

    Alright everyone, time for some real talk about BuckeyePlanet's future.

    I'm in for $20 to keep the ship afloat.
  11. Mr.Blonde

    Anyone capable of discussing gas without politics? Anyone?

    $5.19 here in Seattle yesterday afternoon.
  12. Mr.Blonde

    2021-2022 Ohio State Men's Basketball

    5 games in 11 days. Yikes.
  13. Mr.Blonde

    SimPLLLLLLLe Jim "6-13" Harbaugh (Chirpy McFuckFace)

    The first time I saw this goony looking bird I thought he was a burn victim and they sewed his face and forehead up the best they could.
  14. Mr.Blonde

    2022 Rose Bowl, tOSU vs Utah, Jan 1st @ 5pm EST, ESPN

    I suppose this game is fun to watch for the neutral observer but it’s driving me fucking crazy.