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Recent content by CMic

  1. CMic

    Your Spotify Playlists

    Me: nope, nope, nope, nope, Journey, nope, nope, nope, …
  2. CMic

    Cincinnati Bengals (Just Burrow In)

    The DBs have said a few things (e.g. "Burrowhead stadium"). It's great to be a confident team - hard to be a confident fan given the 30+ years prior to last. I'm here for it - last two years have been a blast.
  3. CMic

    Greatest TV Show Theme Songs

  4. CMic

    Kansas City Chiefs (official thread)

    First time anyone might dread the Bengals.
  5. CMic

    High School OH RB Isaiah Garrett

    Hilarious clips. Just pitch it out and let him run - he's twice as fast as anyone else on the field.
  6. CMic

    Cincinnati Bengals (Just Burrow In)

    I've been very critical of Carman. Have to say he played an excellent game. Field conditions may have helped his pass pro, but he and the other OL really won the line of scrimmage. Supposed to be cold and snowy next Sunday in KC - I'm all for it.
  7. CMic

    Cincinnati Bengals (Just Burrow In)

    Snow ended up great for the Bengals. Stopped all effective pass rush. Burrow is a rock star. Who Dey!!!
  8. CMic

    Cincinnati Bengals (Just Burrow In)

    King of the North is going to have around 2sec to pass. If anyone can do it, though, Burrow is the guy.
  9. CMic

    SimPLLLLLLLe Jim "6-13" Harbaugh (Chirpy McFuckFace)

    Classic defense, perfected by 20th century German philosophers ...
  10. CMic

    Favorite Vape Juice

    Dude - no avocado in the vote? Fake fan.
  11. CMic

    2024 TX RB Taylor Tatum (Verbal Offer)

    Moving a RB to S? Sounds like a recruiting issue. Fire the DB coach!!
  12. CMic

    NFL Discussion (Official Thread)

    Tom can take his soft balls and go home.
  13. CMic

    NFL Discussion (Official Thread)

    Maybe go for two next time?