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Recent content by ClassOf76

  1. Bowl Upset Contest

    Navy Arizona State Connecticut Wisconsin Arkansas Ohio State
  2. ABC's at it again

    Where'd my game go? T A&M & Missouri? Got to be kidding.
  3. Official ABC Thread

    what's wrong with ABC Who cares about A&M vs Oklahoma? Cut away again to a game that means nothing.
  4. 9/06 Polls Thread

    What can you expect. Pollsters listen to Mark May espousing the great pursuit speed of the Miami DBs (he said on the air that they're better than OSUs).
  5. NCAA Academic Reforms (Merged)

    You're still focusing on the smalll percentage of college athelets who make it to the next level. My point is that for the majority who don't progress that far, they need to be prepared to face reaility.
  6. NCAA Academic Reforms (Merged)

    My point exactly. I wasn't fiscally responsible when I was 26. Why should it be different now?
  7. NCAA Academic Reforms (Merged)

    Time to raise some hate and discontent I'm curious to know what others think about the latest NCAA rulings on academic performance. According to the Columbus Dispatch, the NCAA forumula would put OSU on the bubble for warning and/or sanctions. The same article indicates that 94% of Division I...
  8. BCS Bashing/SEC Shutout (Merged)

    GAhhh!!!! Is the system better than it was? Maybe. But it needs some of the computer element put back in that takes SOS into consideration. Flashy teams that are media darlings don't cut it.
  9. Observations from the barcalounger

    Fortunately games are still won by scoring more points than your opponent not by having better looking game stats. NikT I've long thought that many (read that media) were obsessed with stats. Five hundred yards doesn't mean anything if you lose. Maybe a better stat would be points...
  10. Sportsline now hiring

    If you focus on those quotes, you'll note that there's no context given. There's no basis to judge when those quotes were made. My observation is that many, if not most, 'reporters' don't report - they simply put a spin on old news or someone else's story. Someone looking at news clips from...
  11. New coaches poll: LSU and Georgia get first place votes???

    Bias in the polls is nothing new, especially when it comes to the Big Ten. Saw the same thing back in the 70's. Oklahoma could do no wrong then - at least in the eyes of the pollsters. A mediocre win against a middle tier wouldn't hurt them a bit, but let a Big Ten team grind out a tough one...
  12. espn gameplan package

    My good friends at Comcast in Virginia have once again tinkered with their service. Gameplan is no longer offered. I'd have to move 20 miles west to get it. Had to watch the game at my neighbor's house. He has DirecTV. Of course, my rates keep going up!
  13. Southern Cal football

    Good to see some alternative views here. Seems most of the pundits are writing off UM & LSU. Interesting that USA today posts OU's strength of schedule at 11th - tougher than OSU's. Can't figure that one out. I do agree that OU should not be in the big game. USC should be. It's likely...
  14. Post scUM Clarifications

    True Buckeye fans will not be disappointed by a team that gave everything and by a coach who plays the strategic game better than anyone I can recall recently. The key now is to get everyone healthy for what ever bowl game comes our way. CK & LR are essential to a strong showing. It's not...
  15. hey fellas...

    Today the better team won. Kudos to Lloyd Carr for his response to the inane question half time. That reporter knows nothing about football.