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Recent content by BleedsScarlet

  1. BleedsScarlet

    2023 Ohio State at Notre Dame

    Thanks a lot, Dubbs !!!! :banger::banger::banger:
  2. BleedsScarlet

    2023 Ohio State vs Western Kentucky

    Thank you Dubbs, for your hardwork. I really appreciate your efforts.:drunks:
  3. BleedsScarlet

    OSU vs UConn 3/25/23

  4. BleedsScarlet

    OSU vs UConn 3/25/23

    I didn't watch the game for fear of jinxing the team. Would anyone know where I could download the game?
  5. BleedsScarlet

    2023 superbowl

    A belated Thanks. I never thought of checking here for the Super Bowl game. I found it elsewhere.
  6. BleedsScarlet

    2022 peach bowl

    Although I never rewatch the vids of games that we lost....I think I will, this one time just because we were that close to winning. It was a great effort outside of the final score. Thanks "twister" for this. PS: Wow at this minute, I see 40 people downloading this vid.
  7. BleedsScarlet

    ttun at ohio state

    Thank you....It may be a while for me to watch it again, though. Great work as usual, twister.
  8. BleedsScarlet

    2022 ohio state at maryland

    Great work!! Thank you. I was expecting this game late tonight or tomorrow since it was a 3:30 Kickoff. :rofl:
  9. BleedsScarlet

    2022 indiana at ohio st

    I read your post and I don't see any seeding activity from my Bit Torrent program. I know that I'm seeding because I had a lot of activity for the Northwestern game. I generally have my computer on from 7A to almost midnight.
  10. BleedsScarlet

    2022 indiana at ohio st

    :pimp::pimp::pimp: 'nuf said.
  11. BleedsScarlet

    2022 interesting games

    Back when Joe Burrow was at LSU, I found several games that I kept on dvds. Even their NC game. Those were probably the only college games that I have that weren't OSU games.
  12. BleedsScarlet

    2022 ohio state at n'western

    Great work!! Many thanks. :argh::argh::argh:
  13. BleedsScarlet

    2022 iowa at ohio state

    :yay2::yay2::yay2:Thank you twister!! :pimp::pimp:
  14. BleedsScarlet

    Ohio State at Michigan State

    Your hard work is very appreciated. Ditto on seeding.
  15. BleedsScarlet

    Rutgers at Ohio State

    Many thanks for this game.:penguin::groove: