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Xbox Live gamers sound off!!!!!


hipster doofus
Just curious if anyone on here in on Xbox Live. If so, what is your gamertag, and what games do you play? I want to add some Buckeye fans and local people to my friends list.

My gamertag is jlb1705 (imagine that!), though sometimes I play under the name "High Fidelity" My Live games are Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Ghost Recon, and Unreal Championship. I'll never really play UC, since it's full of little kids and cheaters. Also, I will soon be adding to my library Rainbow Six 3, CounterStrike, and the new Splinter Cell when it comes out.


Staff member
I have it but haven't been playing it much at all. REally it has been months since I got on. I might have some trouble when I go on this next time, I have a moded XBox and I heard they are goign to be checking hard drive space to see whether it has been changed, so I might get banned from it anyway.
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