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WR Ray Small (official thread)




Raymond Small
Athlete / Cornerback
Cleveland Glenville
Height: 5-foot-10 (Nike)
Weight: 173 pounds (Nike)
40-yard dash: 4.4 seconds
GPA: 3.25
2004 stats (offense): 533 yards receiving, 300 yards rushing, 10 TD's
2004 stats (defense): 50 tackles, 4 interceptions
2005 stats (offense): 28 receptions, 600 yards; 333 yards rushing; 440 return yards; 16 total TD's
2005 stats (defense): 3 interceptions

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He likes Ohio State, USC, Miami and probably Pitt, Iowa, and Wisky- they all send mail. He has some early offers from MAC and lower tier Big Ten schools. He says USC has been his favorite since he was little.

He has been to most of the tOSU home games and talks to Coach Tucker alot.
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Haaaang on Sloopy, Sloopy Hang on!! O.. H.. I.. O.
I really like Small to be inthe next class. He's an athlete, but his future seems to be at the CB position, which will be nice for the 06 class. Great size and speed and seems to be an above average student with the GPA given. Hopefully we can reel him in.
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goodguy said:
We could use some true cornerbacks in the 06 class, immediate playing time will be appealing. VG if you read this, could you give us some additional thoughts on Smalls.
try the search function and advanced search for glenville. we have had 20 plus people break down what they saw from glenville. maybe tonight if i have time at home i will try to copy and paste them in.
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I've been a big fan of Small for some time now. I've yet to see him play live, but I've heard nothing but good things on him, even from some anti-Glenville people.

If his test scores are ok, he's a Buck all the way.
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Capo Regime
Staff member

Ray was impressive at the Army AA combine but he would only rate his performance an 8. He sees himself as a DB at the next level as he is too small to play RB. As of right now, he likes USC and tOSU as his early favorites. He enjoys the California weather and the overall spedd of the team. However, he says he loves tOSU just as much. Currently, he is concentrating on track where Glenville hopes to once again defend their State Title.
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