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Wich position holds the closest battle for minutes ?


These are my thoughts as long as everyone is healthy !

Center: Rad is most of our pick to start but when Dials was healthy he was clearly the better of the two. Rad has improved slowly but surely and he is 7'0 tall. He runs the floor and doesn't miss free throws. Dials has better hands, and a better post presence because of his strength and wide shoulders. I only seen Dials once this summer but he has filled out nicely. Before, dials was just naturally a big guy but he has added some cut muscle mass to his big frame. The thing I like most about Dials is that when he gets the ball, noone is taking it from him and he will go up like a big man should. Winner for starting job is Rad because it's close and he's a senior. Winner for minutes is Dials. He will play more minutes than rad because he will play 4 and 5. (If Bass doesn't redshirt, he will get a few of these minutes)

PF: Shun is a senior and is strong as an ox so he gets my nod as starter, But Harris is more skilled than Shun and will play when we are in a scoring drought. Everytime Harris has a good offensive game, this battle will get tougher. Shun may start forcing things and force himself onto the bench.

SF: Yuck ! This one will get dirty fo sho ! JJ will be the crowd favorite as he dunks with his teeth, gets put backs, crashes boards and blocks shots. Those things may also win him the job and majority of minutes but silk is 2 or 3 inches taller, he is a better shooter than JJ, he is quite athletic himself, and he has starting experience under OB. When we play teams who arent giving up anything inside, Matt is the man but as long as we are getting penetration, JJ plays big minutes. I think Sylk will be given the chance to fight JJ off by starting the season as a starter but JJ will take it in time. We may see both of them play together at times. JJ can play a little sg but he won't start there because the sg's in OB's offense have to basic be an off point guard. And I don't think JJ can handle that.

SG: This spot along with the pg spot, could get tricky. The players who will see minutes here are Billings, Stockman, JJ and N. Dials. The main battle will probably be between Billings and Dials but If BFC is holding down the point pretty well, Stockman has to get minutes somewhere. Stockman will get about 1/3 of the minutes at sg as well as 1/3 at the point. But this position belongs to billings. He is our most stereotypical SG and will only play sg. He and BFC may be the only two players we have who will only play one position. Stockman and N. Dials will be the take his minutes in a shooters situation. But N. Dials will make this interesting if he is the player that he would have to be to get in the record books the way he has. Without ever seeing him I can't give him billings job but when he gets here this could all change.

PG: BFC is considered the purets of our points because he is not the scorer that Stockman is but this could be a misconception. Maybe TS can do evrything BFC can do along with better shooting and scoring. A lack of a jumpshot doesn't make you a pure point but BFC does seem to have the goods. He doesn't turn the ball over and assuming his jumpshot is a pinch better and he is healthy, I think he starts here. But Stockman could get more minutes because of his versatility.

I think the starter for center is clear(rad)at least early on. The same goes for pf(shun). sf is not so clear. This may be the hottest battle. sg is a spot with young players so while interesting, it's not heated yet. PG along with SF is the hot spot for a war between players for minutes.

MY vote : SF !!!!! with PG running a close second.



Administrator Emeritus
Well ant, sprinkle a little competition in with a little more talent and OB is going to have a fun year figuring out what lineup to put on the court. I think BFC nails down PG if he stays heathly and knocks down a few early season jumpers. SG and Sf look to be the hotbed of competition. Have fun OB.
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The competition between TD and Rad will be decided by who stays away from the fouls on that particular day. I believe they will both play about 20 minutes a piece. I think the 3 is pretty hotly contested between JJ and Sylvester. I really believe with the tempo and style that OB will deploy this year, there will be plenty of minutes for almost everyone.
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