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Who's your pick for "most likely to break out in '04'"?


Resident NUT job
My nominations are...

Roy Hall
Jay Richardson
Thomas Matthews
and Ashton Youboty

I would say Anthony Schlegal, but he seems to be a given.

Marcel Frost I still love too, but Richardson really stood out to me in the spring game.


There are so many to pick from. Hall, Irazarry, Whitner, Kudla, even Pittman looked real good. I'm going to say Whitner is the most likely breakout, along with Hall. I'll be rooting for Kudla, he's one of my favorites.
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Illuminatus Emeritus
Staff member
BP Recruiting Team
Offense - Roy Hall
Defense - Marcel Frost
Special Teams - Ted Ginn

I am looking for good things from Kudla, Carpenter, Pitcock, and Schlegel, but all have at least some track record coming into '04.

I hope that one of the QB's has a break-out year; ditto for the RB's.
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Herbie for President
Carpenter (he will start.. how I think he could have a Hawk like year with the other LB's around him)
R. Hall (I sure hope he steps in and is as advertised
L. Irriz. (a TE that can streach the D is huge... if he can get his blocking assignments down, he could have a nice comming out party this year)
Kne (he will start, and lord knows the buckeye nation will be behind hime... just like Chad C.(the WR) and M. Stafford (OL)... great to see walk-ons get pt and make a good impact on the team)...
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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
Staff member
Jay Richardson - Looked thicker than I remember in the spring game. Couple that with his speed and athleticism off the edge and he could make some things happen this fall.

Donte Whitner - Lights Out seems like a pretty accurate nickname. Big hitter with the speed to cover wideouts. Gotta love that combination.

Bobby Carpenter - He will get some national attention this year, IMO.

Quinn Pitcock - The kid is an absolute bull. Won't put up huge numbers but he will demand a double team and will be the anchor of our run defense.

Thomas Matthews - If he can continue to play like he did in the jersey scrimmage and the spring game he will turn some heads. With Hawk in front of him though you have to wonder how much PT he'll get.

John Hollins - I thought he was impressive in the spring game and PT is available. Time for this senior to shine.
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