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Where to watch a game in Las Vegas


I'm going to be in Vegas for the NC State game, which also happens to be the same day as the De La Hoya fight. While they won't be at the same time, I'm afraid all of the sportsbooks will too crowded and noisy to give the game the attention it needs. Also, since that weekend is going to be so crowded, I'm afraid the ESPNzone will be packed with multi-hour waits, even at non peek times. Are there any OSU friendly establishments within a fair taxi ride from the strip that would be showing the game? Any established Buckeye hangouts?

Any information you can give me will be very appreciated!



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You oughta get to a sports book sometime super early in the morning, stake a seat, and enjoy! You're going to vegas to think you're in a fantasy land, not your corner bar at home.

The ceasers palace is AWESOME because it has these plush leather sofa-chairs with individual 17" flat screen monitors in front of each one ... I was there on a summer morning so all that was on was horse races, but there's no way that they wouldn't have feeds to every football game televised available on those things (at least I'd hope so). The bellagio also has these great leather chairs with individual TV sets, and it's not as huge of a place so you get drinks pretty fast. If you have the time you oughta scope out the sports books beforehand and see what each one has to offer in terms of seating and tv screens, and then get into one way before the games start, place your bets, and have an awesome day.

I swear, after seeing those sports books this summer, I swore I'd return during football season. It would be like heaven.
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Trust me, I enjoy sitting in the sportsbook watching football and betting the lines as much as about anyone around. But unless the volume is on the Buckeye game and the view is unimpeded, it is no fantasy of mine. I'll spend the rest of the afternoon in the various sportsbooks, though several don't offer free drinks to sports only bettors (Mandalay does, not sure about Caesars) so I'll spend the occasional 10 minutes sitting at a slot machine flagging down a waitress and asking her to bring me two at a time.

Caesar's and Mandalay are both winners and undoubtably will both get a good portion of my money.
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Gert Frobe-approved
It's usually a good time to watch the games where the local alumni club watches them, since about 95% of the televisions in the place are tuned to the OSU game, and about 95% of the people in there are die hard OSU fans. The Las Vegas alumni club watches games here:

Kopper Keg
2257 South Rainbow
Las Vegas NV 89146
(702) 254-4299
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