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What kind of job do you have ?

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I am about to graduate studying Computer Graphic Arts (which is mostly a graphic design major, with a little computer science thrown in, which was my old major)

I'm hoping to get a job in the Columbus/Delaware area, if you knwo anyone I can talk to that might know what's out there please send me a PM

Ideally I will be working at a graphic design firm and/or as a freelance designer

Any of you that have any graphic design projects, let me know, as in the near future here I'm an aspiring designer which means you can get my services for a lot cheaper than you would from an experienced designer.
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The North Remembers
I recently declared for a communications major @ tOSU, which I will intern as a broadcast communications type deal.. hopefully.

Also thinking of pursuing a minor, but who knows, it took me long enough to chose a major. :)

I expect to graduate in 2007.
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i hunt little fuckers like this


with small things like

(i am not in the army it is merely a joke)
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