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Waimea Big Wave and Pipe Masters Pics

Discussion in 'Other OSU and Professional Sports' started by hawaiianbuckeye, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. hawaiianbuckeye

    hawaiianbuckeye Where's YOUR Gold Pants?

    Pipe Masters from Tuesday..."The calm before the Storm" Perfect 6ft may be occasional 8's and lots of glass!

    Eddie Aikau Quiksilver Big Wave Contest:
    What a day! Bruce Irons won the contest and well...I got a pretty good series of the winning ride (starting with pic number 1053-1065). It was quite obvious to everyone that this ride was a winner. Bruce knew it, Kelly Slater knew it (have a shot of him congratulating Bruce onshore) and the Judges knew it! He caught the wave within five mins of starting his heat with Slater and others. He had one other great ride as well. Particularly, I like the barrel shot inside and the last series in the album which shows three guys up (Irons, Slater and someone else, may be Bula'ia?) on monster. Hope you enjoy!

  2. scooter1369

    scooter1369 HTTR Forever.

    I used to surf with Slater at Sebastian Inlet in Florida when we were kids. He was always head and shoulders better than everybody else. He could ride a boring 4 footer and make something exciting happen. Damn he was good.
    Great pics, by the way. Must be rough hanging on the beach in December. Those were the good ole days.

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