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USA TODAY Super 25 Bball

Super 25 boys' basketball rankings

Updated Feb. 8, 2005

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Regional rankings

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Analysis by Christopher Lawlor

Quiet: No new teams enter the Super 25 rankings this week. No. 25 Arlington Country Day (Jacksonville) slips 10 spots after losing to No. 6 South Gwinnett (Snellville, Ga.) 88-70.

Player of the week: G Louis Williams of No. 6 South Gwinnett (Snellville, Ga.) averaged 33.3 points for three games. Williams, who signed with Georgia, had 30 points, eight rebounds, five assists and four steals in an 88-70 victory over Arlington Country Day (Jacksonville).

Game of the week: Wednesday, No. 14 Westchester (Los Angeles) at No. 19 Fairfax (Los Angeles) at 7 p.m. ET. Westchester won the first meeting 68-60 and can clinch the Western League regular season title with another victory.

Tribute: Corey Rhodes, a 17-year-old senior guard from Lanier (Jackson, Miss.) who died Jan. 30 after collapsing at a practice, was honored before a game on Feb. 1. Rhodes' mother, Shirley, was presented with her son's No. 13 jersey, which was retired and will hang on the school's gymnasium wall.

Rim rocked: 6-6 F Bill Walker of North College Hill (Cincinnati) scored 19 points, sinking 9 of 11 shots, in a 74-39 victory over Bryan Station (Lexington, Ky.). The game was halted early in the fourth quarter when Walker, one of the nation's top sophomores, broke the rim on a dunk at Veterans Memorial Field House in Huntington, W.Va. After a delay it was decided that the rim could not be repaired, so the game was called.

Free throws: F Marcus Williams of Roosevelt (Seattle) scored a season-high 48 points and grabbed 12 rebounds in an 81-61 win vs. Franklin (Seattle). 6-9 Kevin Love of Lake Oswego (Ore.), one of the nation's top sophomores, had 40 points in a 77-56 win vs. St. Helens. Love had surgery on his right knee last summer and wasn't cleared to play until January. ... G Deonta Vaughn scored 33 points as No. 3 Arlington (Indianapolis) won its 19th straight game, beating South Bend Washington 106-78. Nyan Boateng of Lincoln (Brooklyn, N.Y.), who signed to attend Florida on a football scholarship, had 24 points in a 107-49 victory over New Utrecht (Brooklyn). ... Larry Davis scored 30 points, including three game-tying free throws with 5.7 seconds left in regulation, as No. 5 Christ the King (Queens, N.Y.) beat No. 12 Rice (Manhattan) 81-80 in overtime for the second time this season. ... Braham (Minn.), No. 9 in the Midwest, is averaging 85.3 points per game, outscoring opponents by over 42 points per game. Braham has surpassed 100 points in four of its last seven games.

1. Vashon, St. Louis (20-0)
Previous: 1. Result: Beat Male (Louisville) 61-58.

2. LeFlore, Mobile, Ala. (28-0)
Previous: 3. Result: Beat Vigor (Prichard) 63-49.

3. Arlington, Indianapolis (19-0)
Previous: 4. Results: Beat Arsenal Tech (Indianapolis) 83-47 and South Bend Washington 106-78.

4. St. Mary's, Manhasset, N.Y. (17-0)
Previous: 5. Results: Beat St. John the Baptist (West Islip) 109-74 and Holy Trinity (Hicksville) 75-37.

5. Christ the King, Queens, N.Y. (19-1)
Previous: 6. Results: Beat All Hallows (Bronx) 54-51, St. Raymond (Bronx) 79-64, No. 12 Rice (Manhattan) 81-80 OT.

6. South Gwinnett, Snellville, Ga. (23-2)
Previous: 7. Results: Beat No. 25 Arlington Country Day (Jacksonville) 88-70, Parkview (Lilburn) 82-65 and Grayson 90-58.

7. Oak Hill Academy, Mouth of Wilson, Va. (25-2)
Previous: 8. Results: Beat No. 14 Westchester (Los Angeles) 80-70 at Nike Extravaganza in Anaheim, Calif. Beat L.C. Byrd (Clarksburg, W.Va.) 120-49 and Wilson (Beckley, W.Va.) 100-66.

8. Etiwanda, Calif. (23-1)
Previous: 11. Results: Beat Claremont 72-46 and Upland 80-59.

9. St. Anthony, Jersey City, N.J. (15-2)
Previous: 2. Results: Lost to Linden 55-40. Beat Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey) 81-39 and Elizabeth 61-33.

10. DeMatha, Hyattsville, Md. (18-1)
Previous: 12. Results: Beat Good Counsel (Wheaton) 76-57 and St. Mary Ryken (Leonardtown) 83-43.

11. Niagara Falls, N.Y. (19-0)
Previous: 13. Results: Beat Kenmore West 88-56, Niagara-Wheatfield 98-48.

12. Rice, Manhattan, N.Y. (17-2)
Previous: 9. Results: Lost to No. 5 Christ the King (Queens) 81-80. Beat Bishop Loughlin (Brooklyn) 98-69 and All Hallows (Bronx) 59-51.

13. St. Joseph, Westchester, Ill. (20-0)
Previous: 15. Results: Beat St. Patrick (Chicago) 44-37 and Batavia 67-49.

14. Westchester, Los Angeles (14-3)
Previous: 10. Results: Beat Venice 103-49 and Hamilton (Los Angeles) 92-63. Lost to No. 7 Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, Va.) 80-70.

15. Thornton, Harvey, Ill. (21-1)
Previous: 16. Result: Beat Shepard (Palo Heights) 75-42.

16. Neumann-Goretti, Philadelphia (19-1)
Previous: 17. Results: Beat Monsignor Bonner (Drexel Hill) 69-56 and Roman Catholic (Philadelphia) 74-69, OT.

17. Northside, Lafayette, La. (28-1)
Previous: 18. Results: Beat St. Martinville 72-59 and Breaux Bridge 56-21.

18. Brother Martin, New Orleans (31-2)
Previous: 19. Results: Beat Archbishop Rummel (Metairie) 61-55 and Archbishop Shaw (Marrero) 69-55.

19. Fairfax, Los Angeles (20-3)
Previous: 21. Results: Beat Venice 94-75 and University (Los Angeles) 102-58. Beat Orange Lutheran 71-52 in Nike Extravaganza.

20. Seton Hall Prep, West Orange, N.J. (16-1)
Previous: 22. Results: Beat West Side (Newark) 85-47 in Essex County Tournament first-round, beat Morristown 97-36 and Randolph 69-46

21. St. Patrick, Elizabeth, N.J. (16-2)
Previous: 23. Results: Beat Lawrenceville 92-51, Hun School (Princeton) 67-58, St. Augustine (Richland) 60-47 and Lincoln (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 88-82.

22. Benton Harbor, Mich. (16-0)
Previous: 24. Results: Beat Lakeshore (Stevensville) 68-50 and Lakeview (Battle Creek) Kalamazoo Central 80-55.

23. Mater Dei, Santa Ana, Calif. (21-3)
Previous: 25. Result: Beat Brentwood (Tenn.) Academy 67-64.

24. Dillard, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (17-1)
Previous: 21. Result: Lost to Boyd Anderson (Lauderdale Lakes) 63-59.

25. Arlington Country Day, Jacksonville (20-3)
Previous: 14. Results: Beat Hilliard 80-30. Lost to No. 6 South Gwinnett (Snellville, Ga.) 88-70.


About the rankings: USA TODAY's Super 25 high school boys and girls basketball rankings are compiled by Christopher Lawlor, who consults with a national network of prep sports writers, analysts and coaches. Among the criteria considered are a school's strength of schedule, the quality of competition in its state or league and quality of its players.
Boys basketball regional rankings

Updated Feb 8, 2005.


1. St. Mary's, Manhasset, N.Y. (17-0)
2. Christ the King, Queens, N.Y. (19-1)
3. St. Anthony, Jersey City, N.J. (15-2)
4. DeMatha, Hyattsville, Md. (18-1)
5. Niagara Falls, N.Y. (19-0)
6. Rice, Manhattan, N.Y. (17-2)
7. Neumann-Goretti, Philadelphia (19-1)
8. Seton Hall Prep, West Orange, N.J. (16-1)
9. St. Patrick, Elizabeth, N.J. (16-2)
10. Lincoln, Brooklyn, N.Y. (24-2)


1. LeFlore, Mobile, Ala. (28-0)
2. South Gwinnett, Snellville, Ga. (23-2)
3. Oak Hill Academy, Mouth of Wilson, Va. (25-2)
4. Northside, Lafayette, La. (28-1)
5. Brother Martin, New Orleans (31-2)
6. Dillard, Fort Lauderdale (17-1)
7. Arlington Country Day, Jacksonville (20-3)|
8. Ozen, Beaumont, Texas (21-0)
9. Norcross, Ga. (24-0)
10. Lanier, Jackson, Miss. (26-2)


1. Vashon, St. Louis (20-0)
2. Arlington, Indianapolis (19-0)
3. St. Joseph, Westchester, Ill. (20-0)
4. Thornton, Harvey, Ill. (21-1)
5. Benton Harbor, Mich. (16-0)
6. Pike, Indianapolis (18-1)
7. Kickapoo, Springfield, Mo. (20-1)
8. Lawrence North, Indianapolis (13-2)
9. Braham, Minn. (19-0)
10. North College Hill, Cincinnati (18-1)


1. Etiwanda, Calif. (23-1)
2. Westchester, Los Angeles (14-3)
3. Fairfax, Los Angeles (20-3)
4. Mater Dei, Santa Ana, Calif. (21-3)
5. Steele Canyon, Spring Valley, Calif. (20-1)
6. Jesuit, Portland, Ore. (17-1)
7. Dominguez, Compton, Calif. (16-5)
8. Fremont, Los Angeles (17-2)
9. Newark (Calif.) Memorial (20-3)
10. Seattle Prep (17-3)

Rankings by USA TODAY's Christopher Lawlor.
ive seen the rim broken only a few times. none were legit hoops. all were celling mounted typical hs ones. one though was wood and got torn right of and the wood stayed.

also, a bunch of these teams weve had guys from recently

(mods if you dont want this posted here regularly pm me-if you want it in the bball thread i just figured this is more high school stuff)