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Tress Says NC is OSU Goal, NCAA gives Smith 1 game to sit

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by cincibuck, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. cincibuck

    cincibuck You kids stay off my lawn!

    Buckeyes plan on going national

    By Rusty Miller
    The Associated Press

    <!-- ARTICLE SIDEBAR --><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 align=right border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>
    </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><!--ARTICLE BODY TEXT-->COLUMBUS - Jim Tressel isn't following the ages-old coaching rule of putting a lid on expectations. He's fanning the flames.

    In preparation for this week's start of spring football practice, the Ohio State head coach said Tuesday he wants his players to consider themselves contenders for the 2005 national title.

    "(The) question is, would it be outlandish for this group to consider the possibility of being the best team in the land, and I don't think so at all," Tressel said.

    Ohio State returns 18 starters from a team that went 8-4 last season, including freshman sensation Ted Ginn Jr. There are nine starters on each side of the ball.

    How strong are the returning Buckeyes? It appears their biggest loss might be a place-kicker, All-American Mike Nugent.

    They also are without their leading rusher (Lydell Ross, with a meager 475 yards), punter Kyle Turano, cornerback Dustin Fox, guard Mike Kne and defensive end Simon Fraser.

    The Buckeyes like hearing their coach talk about No. 1.

    "Every team should go into every season with that mentality that they can win the national championship," wide receiver Santonio Holmes said.

    Linebacker Anthony Schlegel said despite coming off a tie for fifth in the Big Ten, everyone is excited by the way the Buckeyes finished last season. The Buckeyes rocked No. 7 Michigan 37-21, then rolled over Oklahoma State 33-7 in the Alamo Bowl.

    "Everybody has those last two games in their mind," he said.

    Holmes said the bold talk doesn't put any heat on the team.

    "We've been around each other enough to know how everyone plays, what to expect and what we can do as a team," he said. "We just need to put all those things together and go for it."

    Linebacker Bobby Carpenter said it's only natural to aim high.

    "We want to be up there. You never say, 'Well, I hope we go 7-4 this year.' We want to go 11-0. We want to win a national title. That's been my goal every year since I've been here," he said. "Even if I didn't think we necessarily had the best talent - which this year I think we do - you still want to be No. 1 when the day's over."

    Tressel met with most of his veteran players in lengthy one-on-one exchanges over the past two months. He asked each about their goals and about what needed to be done to reach them.

    "I think it was Anthony Schlegel, when I asked him what's our greatest challenge in 2005, who said, 'Making everyone understand what it takes on the field, in practice, on game day, in the classroom, outside of campus - to be a champion.'

    "I think we have guys interested in doing that."

    OSU's Smith must sit out vs. Miami

    Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith can return to the team if he makes restitution for money received from a booster and is held out of the Buckeyes' season opener against Miami University, the NCAA told the team.

    Athletic director Andy Geiger said Smith, who was suspended for December's Alamo Bowl because of the issue, must pay "around $500" to a charity.

    Said coach Jim Tressel: "Troy will take care of those things and will be ready to go after another game suspension."

    Smith played sparingly the first five games of last season, then stepped in after the Buckeyes lost their first three games in Big Ten play with Justin Zwick as quarterback. Ohio State won three of its next four games before Smith became a star by rushing for 145 yards and a touchdown and passing for 241 yards and two scores in a 37-21 upset of Michigan.

    The investigation of Smith was only one aspect of an NCAA probe into allegations of academic fraud, payments to players and high-paying no-show summer jobs for student-athletes. Tressel said he has not spoken to the NCAA since November and had no idea when the investigation would wrap up.

    "Now, are they still asking questions? I would assume. Just like we're still asking questions," Tressel said.

    Smith will work out with the Buckeyes when they begin spring practices on Thursday. Justin Zwick, who started the first six games and the bowl game, is listed No. 1 on the depth chart.
  2. craigblitz

    craigblitz Juice, Full of Juice!!

    'Making everyone understand what it takes on the field, in practice, on game day, in the classroom, outside of campus - to be a champion.'
    Glad to see at least one young man get it. I honestly think Whilhelm and Doss set this tone back in 2002. They were the best leaders OSU had had in a long time.

    I am not knocking any of the team captains last year but I think as a whole that group were not the strongest leaders. Great kids etc, no doubt just I did not see the SR leadership that I saw with the 2002 or 2003 team.
  3. Buckin' A

    Buckin' A Veritas Aequitas

    I'm getting pumped for this season! I think the senior leadership is there for another run. In 2002, I certainly didn't think we had the most talented team, but the way they played together and the senior leadership was the difference. This year has that same feel....

    *Sorry to piggy back Craigblitz...I was typing as he was posting.
  4. BB73

    BB73 Loves Buckeye History Staff Member Bookie '16 & '17 Upset Contest Winner

    Glad to see the goal of an NC openly stated. That should always be the case at tOSU.
  5. coxew

    coxew Newbie

    I feel the same way and hate to say it, but that had to have been one of the worst senior classes I remember. Other than Fox and Nuge, individually, that class failed to produce or live up to its hype over a 4-5 year span. Fraser and Ross both looked like future stars their freshman year but both were never more then roll players. Bam barely sniffed the field until he was a senior. Injuries kept Joe and Hollins off the field for most of their careers. Gamble was a key contributor for two years that would have been part of this class had he not gone pro. There's a huge difference between this year and last in terms of senior leadership.
  6. scooter1369

    scooter1369 HTTR Forever.

    I would have been disgusted if the goal were anything less.

    This is THE Ohio State University. We don't strive for mediocrity. We strive to make history.


    Smith will lead our Buckeyes to victory over the Longhorns in a rout. It won't even be close. Zwick will cry, but the ability to lead troops is god-given,not something that can be taught and justin just doesn't seem to have the huddle presence that troy does. Not to throw JZ under the bus but I believe strongly that our NC hopes rest almost entirely on the escapability of TS in a busted play situation. Since we see that happen so often. The glenville connection will bring us glory. Please note that I used the term "glenville connection" and not "pipeline" Mistri. Tool.
  8. coxew

    coxew Newbie

    When has Zwick ever cried about anything? He's been nothing but class IMO.

    With an improved line and running game along with some creative play calling, which Zwick did had none of last year until the Alamo Bowl, there shouldn't be as many busted plays that requires him to scramble like last year.
  9. Vikes

    Vikes Newbie

    Glenville connection: Smith, Ginn, Everett, Lennix...and O'Neil. Ohio State might have to personally give that school a plaque of appreciation after winning a NC.

    (oh OSU will win the NC championship).

    Go Bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. LightningRod

    LightningRod Senior

    Everett is from Canton McKinley.
  11. tundra1

    tundra1 Junior

    Think you meant Whitner, not Everett.
  12. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    I don't know about the 2002 team not having the most talented team. Remember, there were about 20 players on that team that got drafted in the NFL over the last two years. However, I do agree wholeheartedly with you that this year's team is eerily similar to the 2002 team, coming off an "off year" which included a win over Michigan to stun the college football world. Man, this season is going to be pure fun.
  13. tsteele316

    tsteele316 Mr. Such and Such

    the 2002 squad still snuck up on everyone that year. nobody considered osu a legit title contender. i dont think anyone in columbus fully realized what kind of shot osu had until they beat psu and all the teams above us lost that week. All of a sudden, there was osu staring 13-0 in the face.
  14. BuckeyeParalgl

    BuckeyeParalgl Walking down the winding road...

    Quarterback Mobility is Key

    I'm new to BP, and this is my first post. I've been following tOSU for most of my life, and from what I have seen during the JT era, is that having a mobile quarterback is a key to Ohio State Football.

    This being said, a good part of the reason we were able to defeat Miami in '02 , was because of CK and his running ability. When his recievers were covered and there was no place to throw the ball, CK was able to make plays happen with his legs.

    When JZ was leading the offense for the first part of last season, he did not have scrambling ability that could be thought of as anything other than zombie-esque. Also, his ball security problems were scary to watch. I think that not only was Ohio State running the wrong kind of offense with JZ at the helm, he was not nearly mobile enough to make plays happen.

    I may change my tune if he torches Miami with his playing ability, but for right now I can only base my opinion on what I have seen him produce thus far. Granted he had a fantastic game against OKST, but I can't call him a changed man until I see him in the Spring Game and until I see him in the Opener.

    If mobility is that critical to an offense run by JT, I think the obvious choice is to start TS at Texas. I agree with JT's decision.
  15. LightningRod

    LightningRod Senior

    If you followed Tressel for any length of time, you will understand that QB mobility is not the key to either his offense or his philosophy. It will be interesting to see how all of the QBs have progressed since the end of last season.

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