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Three players sign on first day of signing period !


We got em ! No cold feet for Jamar, Jermyl or Matt yesterday. We got one of the best point guards in the nation in Jamar Butler, while getting the top PF in the state in Matt T. Jermyl Jackson Wilson was a surprise to many and some thought he was a grade B type of player but I've been reading on this kid and he is a player. His hops are said to be stupid, crazy, sick wit it, humiliating(for others). He is a great defender, and best of all he will be close to 20 years old as a freshman. So we could have a man amongst boy's here. He is in prep school right now working on his grades and his game.

Welcome Fellas ! Glad to have ya. (here is the link)



Administrator Emeritus
Good post ant. Welcome aboard fellas and much love for choosing to be Buckeyes! With a few years under his belt, it looks like OB is starting to hit his stride with the recruits. The younger ball players are starting to think differently about playing basketball at OSU. Good work.
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