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Things this country really needs


Feel free to add to this list

  1. Roads that are men only
  2. Toilet seats in public restrooms that shock anyone who pisses on them
  3. Mute buttons for mouthy fat 300 pound bitches that are in such a friggen hurry to stuff their fat frigging faces that they cut me off in the burger king parking lot and then are still flapping their fat frigging mouth to the only ignorant bitch working the checkout counter 10 minutes after I've had to search every frigging toilet in the damn place to find one without piss on it and then continue to speeck about how they've lost a bazillion friggin pounds a the Atkins Fattass reduction program while at that very moment stuffing their fat pie hole with crasanwiches.
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I always thought it would be nice to come up with some type of electric shock for people who don't use turn signal. Maybe if you turn the wheel past a certain point that it signifies a turn, you get zapped unless the turn signal is on.

To go along with that, they should make the lane dividers on the highway have the ability to zap people that cannot change lanes in a regulated amount of time or if they are acually riding down the line taking up both lanes.

Bathrooms that sound an alarm if the last person to use the restroom tries to leave after using the last of the toilet paper. They should be made to place a new roll on the dispencer before exiting the bathroom.

And last but not least, back to the roads. I think we should invest money to have air support on the highways. Not just any air support, but fully armed fighter pilots. The reason for this? So they can nuke the assholes that feel the need to stay in the fast lane on the highway. If there is no need to be in the passing lane and they are staying in it, all the cars around it should be given a notice to stay back and the fighter pilot should then proceed to launch a guided missile and removed to car in question.

Hmm, 3 out of 4 are car and travel related. . . think I have some road rage issues?
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Just give me the ability to remove any idiot driver from the road at my sole discretion. Soon it will only be my road.

If you nuke everyone who drives at or below the speed limit in the passing lane there will be no drivers left in Columbus. Columbus still has the worst drivers I have ever seen.
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  • More nude beaches

    A ban on SUVs - *especially* Hum-Vees

    **edit** after more thought, what this country *really* needs is:


    We need a federal mandate giving us each the option to take a month off a year, giving us time for that elusive 'pursuit of happiness' :)
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    Go Bucks/Hail to the Redskins!!
    And I thought I was the only one who experienced drivers like thos posted here.

    Don't forget the ones who have absolutely no concept of what a Yield sign means when merging onto the highway. I always try to get in the left lane so oncoming cars can merge freely but there are times when that is not possible yet these idiots keep coming and trying to merge even though they are supposed to yield.

    I think it should also be a law that semi trucks should only be allowed on the roads between 10 PM and 6 AM. Gives them 8 full hours to drive and stay the hell out of my way and not slow everyone down.

    I feel a little better now....not much....but a bit.
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    Agent Provocateur
  • How hard is it to flip the fricking turn signal on?!!?!?!?! And look before changing lanes!!!!

    Another thing that gets me pissed is when some slow jerk-off is in the fast lane - happens all the time here in Virginia...they don't know that the left lane is for passing, and they get next to a car in the right lane, but don't pass it, so trafic is backed up behind the two idiots. Then when I get behind the slow left lane moron, some other idiot always seems to tailgate me, as if I am the one causing the damn problem.
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    Administrator Emeritus

    1. Folks in government/political offices that really strive to do the best for the American people. Not to pacify special interests, party lines and to retain their positions of power.

    2. Great teachers (you can never have enough) and parents with the guts to support them.

    3. Individual accountability and responsibility.

    4. Women who retain the same (or greater) sexual prowess post-marriage as they had pre-marriage. :biggrin:
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    When traffic is backed way up and some people feel they do not have to wait in line and get in the turn lane and drive all the way to the front of the line and turn there turn signal on and try and get back in the lane. This really burns me up. They should lose there driving rights and must use public transportation for a while to teach them a lesson. I watch my side mirrors for people doing this and refuse to let them in (unless they are a good looking women scantily dressed)
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    The Most Power-Drunk
    Unsafe semi drivers should be dragged out of their semi cab's and shot. I can't tell you how many times I've seen some jerk-off semi driver just decide he needs to change lanes, so change he does. If you're lucky, he will signal first, be even if he does, he still doesn't wait to see if anyone is beside him.

    And there should DEFINITELY be a law that says semi's cannot drive ANYWHERE during the daytime (like what was stated above). If this is out of the question, then pass a law that says these loser shitstains MUST, NO MATTER WHAT, stay in the right lane. They should simply not be allowed into the left lane.
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    1) fair child support for men....believe me...those "free hookers" are thousands of times more expensive than the ones you pay for....

    2) a sports channel that shows nothing but great college football games....24/7....

    3) that the pc bullsh*t ends and men regain control of the sexual battle....we are bigger than them, stronger than them and smarter than them....why and when did they get control over sex....this is part of my theory that natural selection is dead in the modern world...a married woman should not be allowed to use sex..or lack of....as a power play....beat em over the head with a club i say...

    4) more nude beaches...i agree....

    5) the right to use those fighter planes mentioned above for the 95 year old that just has to be out at 5pm (prolly coming back from their 3:30 dinner)....who then proceeds to pull right out in front of you on a two lane road.....when there is not a single car in sight from your rearview mirror....and they go 19 in a 45 zone.....just slow enough to catch every single friggin light....they are not in a hurry....couldnt they just wait the one second and let me go...????
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    Ever thus to ____ers
    Staff member
    I'm going to propose a new law to be put on the books: No more singing or playing of musical instruments in public unless you're sufficiently talented and licensed to do so. Probably not a high priority for most people, but it's Spring Quarter at OSU, which means every pencil-necked hippie and greasy freshman fratboy has to be out on the damned oval playing bad Clapton tunes on his $60 acoustic guitar. Fortunately, I frequently ride my bike to class, so I usually only have to suffer it for about three or four seconds before I'm back out of earshot.
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