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The tOSU Bouncy Boob woman


I'd rather be napping!!
It has been removed at the request of someone who did not have the balls to ask me directly either via PM or Email, but had to give me negative reputations points. Your welcome! Next time grow a pair and ask me out right. I would have removed it, whithout question.
That was a cowardice move to hide thier identity.

Sorry to everyone else for my rant, I am generally non confrontational but this pissed me off.


21st Century Buckeye Man
Staff member
greglee - Sorry that you took it away and disturbed as to why. This whole negative rep points is getting out of control (IMO). On another thread (in the political discussion area) people are getting negative rep points for posting articles that may be critical of Bush. I would hope that no one here allows the threat of negative rep points deter what they want to post or show (the bouncy boob OSU woman), since this smacks of censorship. Except it is worse due to the anonymity.
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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
Staff member
Tech Admin
  • greg: I don't know who the Pan-Z was, but try posting it in the Romper Room forum, where no one can bitch about content. There bouncy boob animated gif you posted is totally tame compared to a lot of stuff in the RR...
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    Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis
    Staff member
    OK, Gregory, I will fess up. That animation was based on my sister and I was tired of seeing her exploited.

    Seriously, how in the heck can we have an objection to that on the same board as the Hot Ladies thread?
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    Long Live Mike Doss
    This whole negative rep points is getting out of control
    completely agree. I was away from this site for a week, and came back to find my rep took a hit due to some anonymous person disliking one of my posts, all of which I thought were pretty tame. It might not be a bad move to make the identity known of people who warn others...especially if they do it often, it seems only fair. As for the bouncing boobs, that is an awesome signature. -whoever docked your rep for that is pretty lame.
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