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The state of MENTAL health care in America


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It seems to me that a great deal of the things I read about on cnn.com and hear about on the news are acts committed by people with known mental health issues. Often these concerns about someones stability are known long before the tragic event that makes the news, but there's really nothing one can do to prevent them. WHY NOT?

Why in a country as "advanced" as ours do we have no organized/safe/humane facilities for the treatment of those among us who are mentally ill? Many wind up in prisons or bounce in and out of state mental health facilities, but they are only cared for temporarily in either case and never truely "treated".

I question why we hear so little about this issue when it obviously effects the quality of our society at large.

This article is a perfect example, but it is by no means an isolated incident. Stuff like this happens literally every day across America:

Known danger to society runs over innocent pedestrians
its pretty easy to blame mental illness on anyone who does something like that... i dont remember where i read it but last i heard it was estimated that 2/3 of the population had SOME sort of mental illness.. maybe it was just amongst our youth cuz i seem to remember it having to do with frighteningly high numbers of ocd and bio-polar cases.. or how many kids run around on ridilin now?
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My wife teaches art at the elementary school and gymnastics at a private school. Probably close to half the kids are diagnosed a ADD or ADH or whatever the flavor of the month is.

In the same breath I can say a guy I work with has a sister that is really crazy. She believes people break into her house when she goes to the store. She carries as much of her stuff as she can when she goes shopping. I imagine she needs two carts to go grocery shopping, one for the stuff she brought and one for the stuff she bought. He has tried to get her committed. The answer always is she is not a danger to herself or to anyone else so she is free.
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