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The next time someone whines about our schedule...


hipster doofus
They'll just say that alot of people want to play there for the weather...

Well, alot of people want to play in C-bus b/c we have raucous crowds who spend alot of money at the best on-campus college football site in the country.

All that whining is nothing more than pathetic excuses. Either your team takes care of business, or it doesn't!
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I can tell you that best is relative, but the fact that it is one of the better is obvious. The other issue is usually money. How many places are there to fit 100k+ into a stadium, especially when you have ticket prices at $50.00 a shot. Isn't it obvious why they want to come here to get their ass kicked.

Notre Dame is nice, different, but can not offer all of that, they are too worried about keeping money for themselves. Greedy bastards, otherwise they would have joined the Big Ten. Either that or they are just scared. Greedy or Scared which is it ND?
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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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Tech Admin
    "the best on-campus college football site in the country."

    And you all say ND fans are arrogant.....

    Keith Jackson called it the best college football venue he's seen when he did our opener with Washington last season. Seeing as he's been broadcasting college football games for decades and has been to every major college football stadium in the country, including South Bend, I'd say he's pretty qualified to make that statement. No doubt that, after the latest renovations, Ohio Stadium is the finest college football stadium bar none.
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