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The kid is here


The Most Power-Drunk
Feb 24, 2004
Sunbury, Ohio
Many of you responded to my thread from last week when I announced my wife was about to be induced into labor. Well, the saga has ended. I am proud to announce that my first son (first child, for that matter), Braeden Robert, was born on August 18, 2004, at 10:00 am. And yes, he will be a hell of a football player, as even the nurses were commenting on how large his hands and feet were. I'm 6'4", so this kid has an excellent shot at playing LB for our beloved Buckeyes, more than likely starting in the fall of 2023 (if my math is correct). I ran a couple preliminary drills with him, and while we're really going to have to work on his 40 time, his instincts are excellent. Go Bucks! Once I download the pictures, I'll post one here - you know I had to bring him home in full Buckeye gear!