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The farmer and the scUM fight song


A farmer was milking cows one day and he heard a song somewhere in the distance. He began to wonder where it could be coming from so he began to walk towards the sound. The song became louder as he approached one of his cows. Yep, the song seemed to be coming from this one certain cow.
The farmer got closer and walked around the back of the cow and stuck his head down by the cows tail.
It was amazing! The Michigan fight song was coming from this cow's ass!
The farmer rushed the cow to the vet and had the vet listen to the cow.
The vet bent over at the cows ass and agreed that this was the Michigan fight song coming from the cows ass. The farmer was a little surprised at the vets lack of reaction to this amazing thing that was happening.
The farmer ask him why he didn't seemed amazed or surprised by this.
The vet replied..."Listen. I'm an OSU grad and I've been listening to assholes sing this song all my life".......