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The Far Northwest Might be Far Out, Man...


It's time to bring it!
Alaska is considering the full legalization of marijuana.

"It's going to lead to a higher rate of addiction for marijuana and other drugs, it will increase the burden on the state and I think it's really a disservice to our young people," Renkes said.

Alaskans can currently possess small amounts of pot for use in their homes and medical marijuana (search) is allowed. But the state has the highest drug addiction in the country and is among the nation's leaders in unemployment, child abuse and domestic violence.
This last part leaves me curious as to why we don't see more of these folks on Springer. They must keep missing their flights or something.


Well, that's like hypnotizing chickens.
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Tech Admin
Its all about Tourism $'s

"Tired of Beautiful Amsterdam? Come Freeze your arse off in Alaska... but Don't worry, you'll be too high to care... The Glaciers talk now.. you know."
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