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The best tradition in college sports is...


This space left intentionally blank
This SI article debating tsun's fight song vs. Script Ohio is OK, but I suspect there are some here who could do a better job defending our honor and there might even be *gasp* a few among us who have a different favorite tradition.

So use this as your guide:

and answer the following question(s):

What is the greatest tradition in college sports and what makes it so great?


Screw Blue
for me the greatest tradition is Alumni Band day at the Shoe. Seeing 4 script ohio's just sends chills down your spine, then when they walk off, and you can still see the script ohio 4 times, thats just so damn cool!
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I always thought it was
Hail to those materbators
Hail to those pornicators
Hail, Hail, to Mechicken the cess pool of the world
Hail to those mother fuckers
Hail to those big cock suckers
Hail, Hail, to Mechicken the cess pool of the world
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hipster doofus
My favorite tradition is Neutron Man, just because Tibor likes him so much.

That article was great. Typical scUM. The scUM guy doesn't mention a single accolade or event after 1932. I guess their band's tradition is about like their football team's tradition. By the way, scUM douchebag, the argument was supposed to be about traditions, not inventions. You guys may have made up the Script Ohio, but it's greatness is derived from the ritual, and also from the fact that it's performed by something other than a group of shitheads from Ann Arbor.

Finally, the follwing quotes say all you need to know about these two traditions, and two schools:

And it's easy to learn; even the dopiest freshmen figure it out by the end of the home opener.

Listen, fans from Miami, Kansas State and Washington have, at the sight of the Best Damn Band in the Land, put their beers down, stopped booing and watched, transfixed, as the band spells out ohio with perfect precision.
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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
Staff member
Tech Admin
  • Well when Michigan has to employ the literary talent of someone named "Sharad Mattu" to defend their great song, you know they've already thrown in the towel. And I knew the sissy claim that Michigan "created" the original "Script Ohio" is as bogus as always. Their pathetic attempt at a script was totally different than the true Script Ohio, and wasn't even formed by writing it out from start to finish. His statement "but that's like claiming to have erected the Eiffel Tower when all you did was add some lightbulbs" is flaccid at best. It should be more like "Ohio State took a log cabin at turned it into the Taj Mahal".
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    You know after listening to you guys over and over about this I have gained a little respect for your band and the Script tradition because I gotta tell ya the average football fan does not pay attention to the band at all except when they are playing the fight song.
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    Well, that's like hypnotizing chickens.
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    Tech Admin
    I gotta tell ya the average football fan does not pay attention to the band at all except when they are playing the fight song.

    Who asked the 'average fan' in the first place...

    Fuck the Average fan....

    Bein' average don't make 'em right.
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    Administrator Emeritus
    Wonder if the M Band is asked to perform their signature formation at other venues?

    "Script Ohio" coming to Browns Stadium - Cleveland Browns.com

    "Script Ohio" coming to Browns Stadium
    By Jeff Walcoff and Zac Jackson, Staff Writers
    October 1, 2004

    Butch Davis Press Conference

    The constant pleading from Browns officials for fans to get into their seats prior to kickoff were never more warranted than Sunday, when “The Best Damn Band in the Land”, the Ohio State University Marching Band, will make their bi-annual performance at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

    The band will perform a full show prior to the game. An additional performance, including their signature formation, Script Ohio, will be performed at halftime.

    Steve Fink of Cleveland and St. Ignatius High School and Tim Adler of Findlay, Ohio will dot the I’s in the double script.

    The Browns hope the band brings some of the Buckeyes’ good fortune to the shores of Lake Erie. While the Browns are 1-2 since returning to the NFL in games where the OSU band performs, Ohio State has won 18 consecutive home games.

    Once a mainstay at Browns games, the tradition of marching bands at professional football contests has faded over the years, but the OSUMB has continued to make an appearance in Cleveland every other season. The band alternates each season between performances at a Browns game with trips to Paul Brown Stadium for a Bengals game.

    Other Info. Continued ...
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    Great 2 B A Buckeyes !!!
    If you've ever been to the Shoe you'd see how much we love our Band. The crowd goes crazy when the Drum major runs out from the tunnel. If you've ever been to M#chigan stadium and heard their fans and how much they respond overall in their games, to the band and certain songs and/or traditions, you'd know there is no competition. Case closed !!!

    comon NOTREDAMECHIEF admit it, your a closet Ohio State Fan and your coming over to the light instead of the dark side (the ND side) hahahahahaa
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    ND does go a little wild when they play the fight song and when they enter the stadium but they do not garner near the respect OSU gives it's band.

    I can remember watching an OSU-MICH game (Rick Leach was Michigans QB) when I kid and watching the dottong of the "I" ....

    Storm -- You know I never used to pay attention to OSU until I started posting on BN and here and it this year my wish come true would be for ND to play OSU in a bowl game. It is easier for me to rootf for OSU when ND wins....

    But as I said earlier I am not convinced that ND is a good team yet! But man did I scream like an absolute fool at that TV during the Michigan game.
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