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Well, I've heard about this site and I've finally made it here. On behalf of Dennis, myself, and my family members, I'd first like to thank all of you Bucs for your well wishes during my husband, David's, illness and demise. I did receive in excess of 200 cards and letters from Bucs, thanks to "helping hand," too numerous for me to reply to everyone, so please accept this as my appreciation for your kind words, acts, and prayers. It's been already five months. My children and I are getting along well, thanks to the Comforter.

Dennis is doing great. He just finished taking two courses at the community college (I wasn't going to have him sitting idly by this summer) and has made two "A's" - English and Math. We are excited about coming to Akron on next week, and yes, I'll be stopping in Columbus to visit the State Fair. I felt like a Buckeye all this time - I guess I'm a diehard. While there was some disappointment, moreso with the process, I believe that "all things work together for good," and that Akron is the Lord's choice for Dennis. We'll understand is better - later! Keep faith - I love you - and thanks again for all your well wishes to both Dennis and my family.

Mz. Helen Kennedy


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I think it's safe to say that the whole Buckeye nation wishes nothing but the best for Dennis and your family. Good luck to Dennis at Akron!
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We are glad to hear that things are starting to turn up a little for your family. We will be rooting for Dennis at Akron. Please drop by the board and post some updates if you have time. Dennis will be a Buckeye in my book. Your in my prayers
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I'm going to forgo(sp) my normal Friday night HS football games on Fri. Nov 5th.

Dennis Kennedy and the Zips take on Marshall in primetime on ESPN 2. I may just go to that game instead of watching.

Good luck , Dennis. I know you'll have alot of fans from this site alone.

:oh: :io:
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By all means continue to consider yourself a Buck! Afterall, we still consdier Dennis "one of us". For selfish reasons I was excited to hear Dennis is going to get his opportunity to shine at Akron. This means I will get to follow his success and get lots of updates on his progress.

We all admire his courage and focus through some very trying circumstances. No question the qualities we all respect about Dennis are a product of his family, and we thank you for raising such a wonderful son and sharing him with us.

Dennis will not take the field alone this fall, we are all with him. The Buckeye nation is pulling for him to tear it up on the field and in the classroom.

God Bless and Go ZIPS!!!!!
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I hope and pray for all good things for you and your family, Ms Kennedy.

Tell Dennis to remember that, in addition to the thousands of people he will hear cheering for him up in Akron, there will be many thousands he can't hear, cheering for him just as loudly, down in Columbus and around the country.
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And don't be surprised if every once in a while you might still see a scarlet & grey #23 jersey with the name Kennedy on the back. Some of us will always remember Dennis as a Buckeye.

All the best to you and your family, Mrs. Kennedy.
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Congratulations to Dennis for acheiving such great grades this summer. It's not often I wish to see tOSU proved wrong, but this is one such instance. I sincerely hope he attains all sorts of success at Akron. I know I'll be rooting for him!
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Thanks, Mrs. Kennedy for dropping us a note. We (Buckeye fans) get a little upset sometimes when we don't get certain recruits we want, and I can not even imagine how your entire family feel when Dennis learned of his situation with the Buckeyes. However, when I see you mentioned The Comforter, I know all I need to know. I have heard once, and try to embrace it daily, that JOY is not the absence of sorrows...It is the present of Christ. I will meet you someday in our native land...By His Grace.
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