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Normally I would think we would be fired up ready to seek revenge against somebody - anybody. But that should have been the case against Iowa and I didn't see it.

Is IU a doormat? They beat an Oregon team (at their house) that was supposed to be pretty good (certainly no worse than we are looking) and despite four straight losses haven't been completely destroyed by anybody. They are returning 18 starters and playing 9 seniors.

While we are likely working on fundamentals and a new QB they have been game planning for two weeks (that's right, for the second straight week we are playing a team coming off a bye week).

And I don't even want to hear about how long it has been since they beat us - that phrase is almost a precurser to doom this season.

They have every reason to come in here thinking they can win this game. And if they should happen to score early and we do a couple of "three and outs" that home field advantage will disappear with the wind - likely turning to a cascade of boos.


Great 2 B A Buckeyes !!!
Hopefully Carpenter will take the bull by the horns and instead of relaying it to the media, he'll start firing up his Defense and the team as a whole before this game. Now is also Troys chance to show his grit and to take this Offense, especially the Offensive line, and prove to everyone he has what it takes and that this is his Team (For the record, I have no favorites between the Justin vs.Troy sage) !!!
Indiana could be the start of something to build on for OSU if not for this year maybe for the 2005 season. Hey a guy can dream ...
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I think their game at Kentucky is telling of how a prepared team 'should' play Indiana. Following a huge win in Oregon they travel to Kentucky and get 560 yards hung on them by a team ranked right above us in total offense. Ohio State wins easily, which isn't necessarily a good thing either. Some out there will try to use this win as proof of Smith's superior QB play--that would be extremely misleading. If Zwick remains out for Penn St. we'll learn more about Troy.
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17-3 since 2001
This game won't tell us much. It really is a game that we need to win and get healthy and get some confidence with. If those 3 things don't happen then we didn't take full advantage of having Indiana at home.
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JonathanXC said:
This game won't tell us much. It really is a game that we need to win and get healthy and get some confidence with. If those 3 things don't happen then we didn't take full advantage of having Indiana at home.

I agree. The team needs to take advantage of this for themselves and the fans. My coworkers are laying into me every week. I'm running out of comebacks when its their teams beating us (Wisconsin/Iowa).
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IIRC IU as recently as 2003 didn't field a team comprised of the full complement 85 scholarship players.

If we were to lose to a program that recently removed from that magnitud of a mess it would be beyond any darkest day in OSU history. We would have to find a new name for it.

The scariest part is it could very well happen.

God help us.
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Head Coach
If Smith lights the world up on Saturday trust me he'll start against Penn State just for that reason. Tressel would have no reason/excuse for putting the kid on the bench. Well thats of course if Zwick doesn't have an awesome practice week. (what a bunch of crap by the way). You have to believe if you're d1 and you've been said to be neck and neck that what you are doing in practice is just as good. Right now I'm worried about anyone playing our buckeyes. You have to believe that just about every team is die'n to play us right now. Tell you what dark ages are though. Look at Penn State then get back with me.
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