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I apologize if some of you already know about this.I simply can't wait until this game comes out.I already have it ordered!

For the first time in a football videogame, the game day atmosphere directly affects players' on-field performances. Track the crowd's impact on your players to see if they can withstand the pressure and find key personnel mismatches with the new Match-Up Stick. Then celebrate big plays with new fan celebrations like the Gator Chomp and Texas Hook 'Em Horns. Only NCAA Football 2005 puts you inside the stadium to deliver the real emotion, collegiate atmosphere, and traditional gameplay of college football.
NCAA Football 2005 also features online tournaments, a deeper EA SPORTS Dynasty Mode™ where you manage an entire program including discipline, grades, and player happiness, and a host of other gameplay enhancements. The best college football game just got even better.

Electrifying Stadium Atmosphere: Watch the visiting team fight crowd noise when calling audibles and hot routes- and feel the stadium rumble with controller vibration and shaking cameras. You can pump up the crowd to build up your home field advantage with your play-or make big plays to take the opponent's crowdopponents out of the game.

New Match-Up Stick: Track the crowd's impact on each player and see if they have what it takes to stand the pressure, then exploit the match-up of the composed senior wideout against the nervous freshman corner.

Top 25 Toughest Places to Play: Build your team's stadium atmosphere to compete in the elite stadiums throughout the country. See, hear and feel the immediate impact from hostile environments like LSU's "Death Valley", "The Swamp" at Florida, Michigan's "Big House", and Nebraska's "Sea of Red.
New Custom Celebrations: Revel in your favorite team's competitive spirit. Celebrate in style with team-specific fan celebrations like the Gator Chomp.

Deeper EA SPORTS Dynasty Mode: Monitor discipline levels and grades to ensure your program's integrity while recruiting promising high school athletes and converting them into skilled position players. Keep players happy with playing time or risk them transferring to one of your rivals in the off-season.

Battle Your Rivals Online: Represent your favorite school online in Rivalry mode and talk trash with EA SPORTS Talk-anywhere, anytime. Compete in mega-tournaments with over 150,000 community members, or play addicting mini-games and track your stats and accomplishments.

New Gameplay Enhancements: Choose from new custom playbooks, offensive schemes, and defensive schemes that include the 4-2-5, 3-3-5, and the 3-3 stack. All new locomotion animations for ball carrier and non-ball carrier as well as strip ball wrap tackles, defensive special moves and over-pursuit tackles.

Player Composure Meter: Maintain your composure against that swarming defense and make the plays to take the crowd out of the game before they take you out of yours.
Improved TV booth: The team of Brad Nessler, Kirk Herbstreit, and Lee Corso breaks down the game with pre-game, halftime, instant replay, and post-play analysis.

New 1AA Teams: 16 more 1AA teams for a total of 78 including the Southland and Ohio Valley Conferences as well as 2003 All-American and National Champions teams.


Boner Jamz '03
Someone playing it at e3:





Best one:
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i loved 2004, although i never did understand why id get fired after either 12 or 14 years as head coach when i won all but 2 national titles that whole time.. havent played for a while since my memory card died in like the year 2040....

look forward to upgraded rosters, i hated cutting blue chippers i just recruited every year...
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