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Shannon(Excuse me Channing) Crowder in trouble again


The State Attorney's office dismissed charges Friday against Florida offensive lineman Mo Mitchell and two teammates accused of vandalizing cars. State attorney Bill Cervone said investigators were unable to locate the only witness in the case, and there was no forensic evidence to move the case forward. In January, police filed complaints against Mitchell, who played extensively for the Gators last season, and teammates Brian Crum and Channing Crowder. They were accused of tearing the mirrors off eight cars.
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Two members of the University of Florida football team were arrested Tuesday night on charges of aggravated battery. Steven Harris, 19, and Randolph Channing Crowder, 20, were booked into the Alachua County jail Tuesday night. The incident happened at 2 a.m. on April 13 in the parking lot of The Palace nightclub, 233 W. University Ave. Both Crowder and Harris punched and kicked Brian Assent in the head and face, according to the arrest report. Assents' friends brought him to the hospital. The attack lead to "permanent disfigurement," reads the report in part. Assent, 22, lost a tooth and had five others loosened. He got a cut on his face that required 11 stitches, along with other cuts and bruises. He told police a few hours later that a few UF football players showed up at The Palace and started causing problems, said Gainesville Police Sgt. Keith Kameg. When Assent left the nightclub, someone reportedly punched him in the face. He fell, lost consciousness, and didn't remember the rest of the attack. His friends later told him a couple of people kicked him several times and that they might be UF football players, Kameg said. Assent positively identified Crowder and Harris from a photo lineup, according to the report. The two were arrested at the Springs Complex on the University of Florida campus.
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One Florida football player pleaded no contest to battery charges Tuesday and was placed on probation. Redshirt freshman linebacker Channing Crowder, 19, will be on supervised probation for six months and will have to pay $340 in fines and court costs and/or serve 34 hours of community service. Last week, Crowder was charged with one count of misdemeanor battery stemming from an altercation with another Florida student outside a Gainesville nightclub in April. Crowder also was ordered to have no contact with the student, attend counseling at the university and not to drink alcohol.
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Herbie for President
Is there a new rule we weren't told about... that rule being if you want to play NCAA Div. 1 football you need to have a police wrap sheet...??

I don't understand why these kids feel the need to act stupid (on campuses all over the country not just UF)...
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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
Staff member
Bucklion said:
Well, running from the cops would improve a 40 time, I guess. :(


Funny you should say that. The other day a guy was pulled over on I-70 near where I live, cuffed with his hands behind his back and was being led into a cruiser when he took off into the woods. The cops on the scene couldn't catch him. One of the first things I thought of was what a good running back prospect he could be.
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Funny Update

Crowder story will repeat until priorities change

[font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=-1]Published May 19, 2004[/size][/font]

A college football player was arrested the other night following an altercation at a nightclub. Don't stop if you've read this before.

The offender's name is Channing Crowder. The same Channing Crowder who pleaded no contest to a battery charge last June. As I said, please don't stop if you've read this before.

These stories were happening long before Crowder punched his first kindergarten playmate. They'll keep happening until college athletics undergoes a priority transplant. That will be, according to current calculations, never.

Until that day doesn't arrive, you will have these Groundhog Day stories. That is appropriate with Crowder because his hobby is wrestling wild hogs in the muddy fields in and around Alachua County.

His latest altercation occurred Saturday night outside The Palace nightclub in Gainesville. The police report said Crowder, Florida's stud linebacker (ability is always a key element in these stories), was about to fight a guy as a crowd gathered. A cop told them to break it up. A few minutes later, Crowder was in another parking lot about to scrap with another man. They ran when police showed up, with one officer falling as he tried to apprehend Crowder.

The player ran until the policeman reportedly yelled, "Channing, I know who you are."

It's great to be a Florida Gator.

Rival fans shouldn't laugh too loudly, of course. The minute they do, one of their student-athletes will make the local police blotter. It's just part of the deal with the devils we've all made.

The first person to blame is the player. Then come the coaches. Then comes the university. Then comes the disconnect.

You think Ron Zook likes getting 3 a.m. calls from the Gainesville Police Department? Or Florida likes the mud bath?

If 85,000 fans at Florida Field would tolerate 6-5 seasons, the school wouldn't have to tolerate embarrassment risks like Crowder. The public's demand to win isn't the root of all evil in college sports, but it's a good place to start.

That's why I just can't get all indignant over yet another Groundhog story. What do you expect out of a system that values raw performance over all else?

This story is running the usual course. The lawyer proclaims his client's innocence. The coach says the legal system must play out. Bet on Crowder eventually getting suspended for the first two games, which will get him back just in time for Tennessee.

Some are calling for Crowder's head, but it's not that simple. For one thing, he might be innocent. Though at the minimum, an underage player habitually partying at a bar Zook once ruled off limits leaves a bit of explaining.

And Crowder doesn't quite fit the incorrigible jock stereotype. He gets good grades and can be quite charming. He might well be in college even if he weren't All-American material.

But he has a thug streak. Combine that with alcohol and a lifetime of special treatment, and you have a time bomb. The last time it went off at The Palace, the unconscious victim needed dental work and 11 stitches to his face.

The next time it happens, the public-relations fallout will be such that Florida might kick him off the team. Not to predict a next time, but would you bet against it?

Be mad at Crowder. Be mad at the coaches. Be mad at the system. Be mad at anyone who supports it.

As long as the premium is on winning, you're going to read these stories. And the timeless moral to this one always will apply.

When you lay down with pigs, you get dirty.
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Head Coach

MIAMI (AP) -- Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder says college players should be able to sell their game jerseys -- something he "hypothetically'' did when he played for the Florida Gators.
Crowder discussed the subject during the debut of his new two-hour weekly talk show on WQAM radio in Miami.

"I'll say hypothetically I don't have any more of my Florida jerseys,'' Crowder said Sunday. "There were some Jacksonville businessmen that really hypothetically liked my play.''

Crowder expressed support for quarterback Terrelle Pryor in connection with the scandal at Ohio State. Pryor left the program and coach Jim Tressel resigned amid an NCAA investigation into players' trading of signed equipment, championship rings and other memorabilia to a tattoo-parlor owner for cash and discounted tattoos.

this is also the guy who said he couldn't find London, England on a map when they played there in 07.
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