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Hey everyone,

First-time poster here. I live in the heart of SEC/LSU country, but was born and raised in God's Country. (Newark/Buckeye Lake area.).

I love the Planet and am new to the forum scene. I hope that I can add some insight into the Southern Football myth that we all hear about. Suffice to say that depression has set in down here with the move of Saban to Miami. Boo-freakin'-hoo! I never liked Saban anyway....I always thought he was using college programs (MSU and LSU) as stepping stones.

Looking forward to interacting with everyone. Again, great site....I'll post more later. Go Bucks....


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Welcome aboard Canjunbuck... hit the Sound Off thread in the Open Discussion room and tell us a ittle about yourself. We do have several other posters from the LA area so you're not alone there :)
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Tourney Pick'em Champ

I knew LSU didn't mind short WRs, but this is just ridiculous. He's 5'5"!
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Welcome to the 'Planet Cajun! Surrounded by Bulldog & Tech fans is the highlight of the season. Make yourself a Block "O" mailbox & make sure to fly the flag! If anyone from the SEC schools tries to tell you what a great Bowl game OSU vs. ? would be, just smile & say condescendingly: Probably not as the Bucks won't be playing those lesser Bowl games anytime soon!:oh: :io:
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Head Coach
interesting piece of information about the sec:

7-24-1 for road games against top-25 non-conference teams since 1992.

florida 1-6-1
tennessee 3-1
georgia 2-1
lsu 0-4
alabama 0-1
auburn 0-2
arkansas 1-1
kentucky 0-2
south carolina 0-2
vandy 0-4
msu 0-0
ole miss 0-0
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Your Cousin In New Mexxico
Ever wonder what happens to all those recruits the SEC brings in?
You know the ones they promise a full ride to and they get on campus and the coaches say;" We're sorry! We don't have a scholarship for you!"
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