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Scottie Pippen retires

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I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
I was never a big Pippen fan... I can't believe that he played for 17 years... that makes me feel old.


DEERFIELD, Ill. (AP) -- Scottie Pippen announced his retirement from the Chicago Bulls, the team he and Michael Jordan led to six NBA titles in the 1990s.

"This was a very difficult decision for me to retire from playing a game that has been such a great part of my life," Pippen said in a statement released Tuesday by the Bulls. "My family and I would like to thank the fans and the entire Chicago Bulls organization."

Pippen, 39, was voted one of the NBA's 50 greatest players, known for his all-around play, especially his defense against some of the league's best scorers.

"His contributions to this franchise during his tenure here have been innumerable," said Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf. "As an organization, we thank him for everything."

Pippen was brought back to Chicago last season to give a young Bulls team leadership and experience, but he had knee surgery in December and played in only 23 games as the Bulls went 23-59. It was the first time in his career the seven-time All-Star had missed the playoffs.

After his championship years with the Bulls, Pippin was traded to Houston in 1999 after the lockout, played one season with the Rockets and then spent four years in Portland. He signed a two-year, $10 million deal to return to Chicago and averaged 5.9 points.

"Scottie Pippen is the epitome of a true professional. He is a great teammate and a winner who is one of the best to ever wear a Bulls uniform," said John Paxson, the team's executive vice president of basketball operations, who played with Pippen in Chicago.

"Our decision to bring Scottie back last summer served us well and it is unfortunate he will not be a leader of our team again this year. Scottie will always be a part of the Chicago Bulls family and we wish him nothing but the best."


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ok.....heres the perfect place to drop my Pippen bomb.

I (being a huge bulls fan) liked to rag on my brother (the huge laker fan) in the 90s. i loved MJ, Scottie....and whoever else they decided to play with. then MJ retires and along comes Kobe. my brother becomes an instant fan.

last year i decided to drop the Pippen bomb on him after watching some ESPN Classic Bulls. and here it is.......

Scottie Pippen (in his prime, playing along with MJ) was better than Kobe (in his prime).

you have to include MJ...cuz he made scottie 500 times better. but im not comparing 2 on 2.....im comparing scottie with his MJ enhanced skills to kobe. and scottie wins.

im sure you will all disagree because you cant remember just how good scottie was, and the focus was never on him......and the images of shitty NBA basketball have burned away the images of scottie and MJ just owning the entire world of basketball (ok...MJ, with scottie on his coat tails).
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He was the second best player in the league in 94-95 (behind the Admiral) without MJ.

6 rings, an all-star MVP, 7 times all-NBA, a legit top-50 player of all time and his career is suposed t be ruined by missing 1.8 seconds? Right. Besides, Kukoc hit that shot.

And I'm in Chicago and watched Scottie play several times in person, and hundreds of games on TV.

Defense is half the game, and he was one of the top-10 players of all-time on defense.
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