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Sanders to Report to Ravens Camp Wens.


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
they have said that he will only be playing in nickle siuations. I could see him having a few picks this year if he's only coming in that situation. The Ravens still have a good defense ( I hate saying that). Maybe he can cover Winsblow... who would be the bigger wind bag???
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Staff member
Former Premier League Champ
Helpinghand said:
Can he really still play?
Depends on if they are winning. If they are, he'll play enough to hog as much spotlight and glory as he can. If they aren't, he'll bang up his toe again and spend the rest of the season collecting Baltimore's money on the bench, just like he did to Washington...and Dallas...and San Fran...and...
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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
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Sanders was on the decline when he retired from the Redskins. Unless he's contacted Barry Bonds' "nutritionist" in the last couple years there is no reason to believe he'll be any better. That still may be better than some of the stiffs in the NFL though(see the Steelers secondary).
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hipster doofus
Who cares if Sanders can't tackle? He won't need to! With Ray Lewis roaming sideline to sideline, all Deion has to do is cover, and if someone does catch a ball against him, Ray Lewis will no doubt be there to instanly lay him out, like he always does. Besides, it's not like he'll have to cover Chad Johnson.
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