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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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  • Photos of his hiding place, from Operation Red Dawn. Note on the last page in the bottom left photo, there are Florida State and Oklahoma banners hanging. Too bad there are no Ohio State banners hanging there (at least not in the shot), but still neat to see never the less.


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    Funny thing, Mili, I was at a party Saturday, and a friend of mine had an 8 x 10 of her husband standing in that same hole, holding a gun, and he's a big Buckeye fan. I'll have to tell her we need some Buckeye representaion there. Maybe she can e-mail him a block O and he can take some pics.

    He grew up in Niles. Ithought you might find that interesting as you're from Austintown, correct? (Before Hawaii)
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    My brother just got back from Baghdad about a month ago and went on "tours" to a couple of Udey & Qusai (I don't know how to spell their names) places. He did mention seeing a Buckeye flag in one of them.
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