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Roy Jones got $%^&* up (and deservedly)


Woody wore Sambas
Did anyone else see the Glen Johnson-Roy Jones fight? Roy danced around like a bitch all night and refused to take the fight to Johnson. Johson went after Jones every round, and the results showed. When Jones got knocked out, he was literally out cold in the ring for several minutes. Jones needs to retire right now-he has shown that, physically, he cannot take a punch, and his former cobra-like quickness w/ his punches has deserted him.
Johnson had a wondeful quote in the post-fight interview- "I know I'm not the best fighter in da world, I just want to fight the best!!!".


Herbie for President
I'm surprised he lasted 9 rounds... was in Vegas last weekend and watched bits and pieces of the fight (watched the ko on the evening news)... how much did that loss cost Jones... If he won he would have gotten $40 million...
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