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Will Bryant
Staff member
The first rule of Romper Room is... Actually, the only rules are as follows;

(1) No minors.
(2) Because there are no minors, there are only adults. Because adults wear big-boy pants, they are free to come and go as they please. Which simply means that if you are easily offended, perhaps not choosing to enter and look around is a good thing. If you aren't easily offended, but find something in there (language, a picture, a joke, a comment, an argument, a duck, a word, or ANYTHING else) offensive, just ignore it! There are moderators in there, but I wouldn't exactly call Romper Room moderated.
(3) Bring a sense of humor. Or if you're there for can'tcallit's contributions, perhaps a box of tissues. (In case you get a snuffley nose, of course.)
(4) Ask one of the RR Mods for access. They are MililaniBuckeye, LoKyBuckeye, and RAMdrvr1.
(5) See rule #2. Live it, learn it.

And the eighth and final rule of Romper Room, if this is your first night, you have to fight. Er, need to stop posting while watching movies.
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diehardbuckeye said:
Why do I have the feeling that this might turn out ???
Go for though it does sound fun

Pics like Miss Piggy exposing herself and a guy blowing snow out his rectum can be good clean fun, but they (and anything more severe) should simply be out of the public eye. With Google and others constantly indexing the site, I just don't want anyone to get confused. lol.

Besides, having a room with a locked door means people can post things without having to worry about offending someone else.

I'm sure some people will think it low-brow or even classless to have such a forum, to that I'd just say that having a red light district in a city means that it's confined and controlled, rather than still happening, but all over the place. lol.
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diehardbuckeye said:
I get it Clarity. What you are saying is you don't want this to turn into Cincinnati where you can barely purchase a Playboy inside the city limits. Ok I have to take a shot there the city is conserative to the extreme.

Heh, good example. I'm just saying that with the proper care (like creating a forum someone has to be both a registered user, and granted a password for), there's no reason why adults shouldn't be able to interact any way they want behind closed doors.

Which doesn't mean folks need to try and see how low we can take it in there necessarily (although I'm serious about no rules or restrictions in regards to anything legal), lol, but it provides an appropriate place for saying or showing things that you wouldn't want another poster's kid to come across necessarily.

I believe firmly in expression and freedom of vision, and I think we can create an overall place here where with a little thought and reason, we can accomodate just about anything.

Rumors if clearly labelled rumors shouldn't be any problem. I mean, people can decide for themselves how credible a poster is, and since posts never fall off the edge of the planet, that credibility can be investigated.

Some people love to talk politics, religion, etc., they should be able to do that with other Buckeye fans. Likewise, those who don't want to discuss it can easily steer clear.

And finally, many of us can get a laugh out of a guy blowing snow from his ass, but it might as well be in a place where someone easily offended isn't going to see something they don't want to.

Re: the Romper Room, folks have to choose to go in there, and it takes a bit of effort. Not that PM'ing one of the mods for that forum is much effort, but no one can say that way they were exposed to something they wanted no part of.

But, it's a trial deal, I haven't really decided how I feel about it yet. Sometimes things are better in theory than they are in practice. I hope a decent sized group of people will get in there and have all the fun they like, and we'll see how it works out.
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I was admitted today. I thoroughly enjoy this type of humor.
Do not let me be a wet blanket but make sure you have at least an attempt at age authetication. This place is too much fun to lose to some 16 year old seeing and doing things he shouldn't according someone else's standard.
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"Do not let me be a wet blanket but make sure you have at least an attempt at age authetication."

I think C-Dog had it set up that everyone who signs up as a member of this site is at least 18 to begin with...
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