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Robert Williams: Has Ohio State on Top

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Robert Williams: Has Ohio State on Top
By: Greg Powers


Cincinnati Withrow’s Robert Williams (5’11, 165, 4.4) is the prototypical defensive back. He has great hand eye co-ordination and the ability to come up and lay a solid hit on opposing ball carriers. It is no wonder that he has been extended early offers from West Virginia, Miami (OH), Illinois, and Boston College. Robert is also receiving strong interest from traditional powerhouses: Ohio State and Notre Dame.

Do any of the aforementioned schools hold the early advantage with Robert?

“Yes sir. I really like Ohio State a lot. I would really like to go there. They have a real nice football program, as well as one of the top schools in the nation for academics. If I could go to Ohio State for football I could get a good education. That would be nice,” stated Williams.

Withrow only allows their players to play one way, but many believe that Williams could be a top talent at receiver as well. What position does Robert prefer?

“Cornerback. I love defense. I love to hit.”

In the defensive backfield Williams also has the uncanny ability to grab key interceptions. In a game during his sophomore season Williams set a state record snaring five interceptions. Of the five picks Robert returned three all the way for touchdowns. How does he do it?

“I stay close. As soon as the ball is in the air I become a receiver.”

In addition to being in attendance at Saturdays spring game (see below), Williams was also in Columbus for junior day where he had a chance to talk with the coaches.

“They told me to continue to work hard on the field and continue to show improvement academically. They said they would be coming down (to Withrow) in the spring.”

In addition to visiting Ohio States junior day he also made a trip to South Bend to participate in their junior day event. “Their coaches are showing a strong interest in me as well,” said Williams.

His summer tour is not over, as he plans to camp at Ohio State and Cincinnati. He also plans to participate in the Pittsburgh Adidas camp.

Spring game update: “It was a real big campus. Some of their students were real nice and they helped me find the recruiting office. We went down to the sidelines for pre-game warm ups and after that we took our seats. At halftime we went back in and some of the coaches came in to talk to us a little bit. Then we went back out to finish the game. Tressel remembered me from seeing me at Withrow. So he remembered my face. They asked me how I was doing in school. I know that Tressel goes to a ton of other high schools and it was amazing that he remembered who I was.”
"165...kinda small" He is a highschool junior and he plays CB! how big do highschool Junior CB come? He can put on the weight while in college. what can't be helped is his height which he is 5'11 that is excellent for a CB. His speed 4.4 which is excellent for a CB at any level!
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