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Ridiculous olympic sports


Get off my lawn, you hooligans!
My fiancee is very tolerant of my football addiction, and for this I am lucky. She's less amused by this whole olympics thing, however. I'll be watching some event and she'll come back with "__________ is an olympic sport?"--spoken in the most mockingly incredulous tone you can imagine, of course.

so. Here's my question for you all... what is the most ridiculous olympic sport?

My nomination: badminton. If you want to play tennis, play tennis. If you want to play volleyball, play volleyball. Don't mix the two and pretend it's a real sport... I'm looking in your direction, China! (the announcer just said that China usually just about sweeps the badminton medals)

OH. and if anyone nominates the Discus, I'll personally show up and hurt you.

EXCEPTION: Mili, if you nominate Disc, I'll show up and you'll owe me a beer (Good excuse to visit Hawaii, and all :)


Get off my lawn, you hooligans!
MililaniBuckeye said:
Seriously, wasn't the discus one of the original Olympic events eons ago? How could someone question its validity?
There's always somebody... you know?

And I wasn't serious, it was always my best event and I just felt like being a bit belligerent. It's fun. Try it sometime :)

And just as soon as I beg for some time off, and manage to come up with some money (you understand, I really AM cheap labor), I'll try and swing by.
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2 time Reigning BuckeyePlanet Poker Champion
synchronized diving... ugh...

real announcers comment while i was flipping through this

"That was a very nice dive, and may be worthy of 8's, but this group really doesnt have any momentum and arent in the medal hunt, i doubt the judges will give that high of a score with no momentum heading into it and being so far out"

WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT?!?!? I Dont care about the damn sport but if that was me and they lowered my score cuz i wasnt a serious contender i give them synchronized ass kickings!
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Get off my lawn, you hooligans!
Table tennis.

I'm sorry, but SPORTS, to me, means movement, not standing in place swatting a ball back and forth.

I guess that would also bring up archery and shooting, but at least those are skills that could easily be used to kill people--hence they are cool, and worthy of our respect. :)
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Get off my lawn, you hooligans!
That and the ground at the original site appeared to be dirt with maybe some rock mixed in... and you don't want to throw a $300 discus into that :)

Actually, i couldn't price the discs used in the olympics, I'm going off of what a friend of mine paid for one in high school.
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Goal Goal USA!
Staff member
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How about synchronized swimming? Especially when they have the commercials with Ronald McDonald participating in it.
synchronized swimming is cool! tell me you have never been in a public pool with an idiot brother/friend doing a synchronized swimming routine just to make everybody else in the pool think you were retarded...............no? just me? :p
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