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Red Sox sign Japanese Star Tomori


Sitting around in my underwear....
37-year-old Japanese league (Yokohama Bay Stars) pitcher Denny Tomori agrees to a one-year deal with the Red Sox (amount undisclosed and changes if he makes the cut in spring training). He chose the Red Sox because Theo called him personally and told him that the Red Sox needed him. Tomori and his agent conducted an open house practice session Dec. 11 in Anaheim and 22 teams sent scouts. The Sox sent three scouts there to check him out at the time.

"Tomori is a 37 years old side-throwing relief pitcher that can throw 95 mph fast ball. (152 km/h please check the math) he also throws a sinker (fork ball?, I don't know what it is called in English), along with three other kind of breaking balls from the sidearm. Similar style pitcher is Shingo Takatsu of the White Sox and he was effective last year. (Editor's note: Hopefully Tomori doesn't throw the "Palm Ball" that Joe Garagiola With Vin Scully referred to coming out of Bob Stanley's hand 60 times in Game 2 of the '86 Series on NESN last night)
"Though his numbers are less than impressive, his odd style might throw the hitters off. The Sox made an offer and waiting to hear back from him. He may wait to see if any other team offers him a roster spot.