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Recent tOSU Articles - 08/25/05


Administrator Emeritus
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<font color="#b90000">Thursday, August 25, 2005</font>
Buckeyes fight looking ahead - NCAA Football (AP) •FB
Buckeyes Awaiting Sight of a Star Tailback - NN of Central Ohio (AP) •FB
Texas-size rumor about OSU game shot down by club - Columbus Dispatch$ •FB
Slimmer Schnittker may get steady diet of carries - Columbus Dispatch$ •FB
Ginn pulls fast one with jersey switch in kick scrimmage - Columbus Dispatch$ •FB
Ohio State Looking for Tailback to Emerge as Go-To Guy - WBNS 10 TV (AP) •FB
GLENOAK SENIOR EAGER, ABLE TO MAKE BIG PLAYS (Mike Hartline) - Akron Beacon Journal •FB
He's liviing life in double time - Cleveland Plain Dealer •FB
Moving up the charts - Cleveland Plain Dealer •FB
A Symphony of Speed - Cleveland Plain Dealer •FB
Not on Ohio State's playlist - Cleveland Plain Dealer •FB
Liner notes: Ohio State - Cleveland Plain Dealer •FB
OSU kickers solid in scrimmage - Dayton Daily News •FB
ESPN gives fans peek at OSU practice - Dayton Daily News •FB
NCAA investigation still seeking Clarett - Dayton Daily News •FB
All eyes on Ginn … again - Lima News •FB
Tressel: Eye of the storm - Chicago Tribune •FB
Buckeyes expect offense to be more explosive - MLive •FB
America returns to college for lessons in passion - Times Online (UK) •FB
The best rivalries - Fort Worth Star Telegram •FB
Big Ten race could be tight - Shreveport Times •FB
Battle-scarred OSU linebacker one of the best in the Big Ten - Des Moines Register •FB
Long snapper aching after chasing Ginn in scrimmage - Hamilton Journal News •FB
COLLEGE FOOTBALL '05: By the numbers - Dateline Alabama •FB
Countdown to September - CNN/SI •FB
Crystal ball makes Ohio fans smile - NN of Central Ohio (Bucyrus Telegraph Forum) •FB
2005 High-School Football Preview (Links to Central Ohio Football Previews, Schedules, etc.) - Columbus Dispatch$ •FB
(HS) Football Previews - SNP •FB
High School Football 2005 Special Section - Akron Beacon Journal •FB
HS Football Preview - Cleveland Plain Dealer •FB
Gray Wins Kick Scrimmage - Scarlet & Gray News •FB
Kick Scrimmage Report - The Ozone •FB
Youboty's return highlights scrimmage - Buckeye Sports Bulletin •FB
Trapasso, Huston Shine In Kick Scrimmage - Bucknuts •FB
ESPN Puts You In OSU's Huddle - Bucknuts •FB
Texas' Brown Still Looking to Win the Big One - College Sports (AP) •FB
Michigan Hopes to Avoid Shootouts in 2005 - College Sports (AP) •FB
UM's defense of mobile QBs faded in '04 - Toledo Blade •FB
Iowa O-line ready for redemption - College Sports (Daily Iowan) •FB
Penalties can follow coaches who change jobs - Dayton Daily News •BK
West Bloomfield pair place first and third in Michigan's Greatest Athlete competition - West Bloomfield Lakes Eccentric •HK
Ohio State Women's Soccer Faces Kent State, Xavier - Ohio State Buckeyes •SC
No. 18 Ohio State Hosts Cincinnati Friday at Crew Stadium - Ohio State Buckeyes •SC
Women's Volleyball Adds Two Comcast SportsNet Chicago Televised Matches - Ohio State Buckeyes •VB
Big Ten Announces Complete Volleyball Television Lineup - Big Ten •VB
Just One More 130 Million Dollar Gem - The Ozone •SW
Photo Gallery of the new Recreation and Physical Activity Center - The Ozone •SW
Ohio State Men's Lacrosse to Host MRB Buckeye Classic Oct. 1 - Ohio State Buckeyes •OS
Athletics Good Stuff - Ohio State Buckeyes •OS
NCAA Officials Remind Student-Athletes of Changes in Initial-Eligibility Requirements - NCAA •OS
New Plastic Sweeps Colleges - Forbes •GN

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