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Recent tOSU Articles - 06/23/05

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<font color="#b90000">Thursday, June 23, 2004</font>
Former Buckeye Football Players Earn Medical Degrees at Spring Commencement (Chad Cacchio and Steve Bellisari) - Ohio State Buckeyes FB
Maxwell & Bednarik Watch Lists (4 Buckeyes) - Maxwell Football Club FB
So far, BCS officials like what they see of new poll - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
OSU’s football camp on Hartline itinerary - Canton Repository FB
Talent abounds in Ohio North South Classic - SNP FB
Dominic Alford Video Feature is in the VR - Scarlet & Gray News FB
College Coaching Careers Hard to Come By - The Ozone FB
Buckeye Camp Lures Kids of Former Buckeyes - The Ozone FB
Buckeyes, Bengals, Browns and bogeys - NFL FB
A look back at Ohio's 2004 football class - Buckeye Sports Bulletin FB
Bucknuts Mag Excerpts: "Planning Ahead" - Bucknuts FB
McDonald's Summer League - Columbus Dispatch$ BK
Buckeye Corner out to defend summer crown - SNP BK
Watterson grad steps to fore in Bucks' turnaround - SNP BB
All the Young Dudes - Inside College Hockey HK
Defending champion (Meg) Mallon going in with a hitch in her game - Akron Beacon Journal GF
Meg (Mallon), Annika See Open From Different Angles - Columbus Dispatch (AP) GF
(Meg) Mallon leaned hard on experience to win in ’04 - Columbus Dispatch$ GF
Buckeye Briefs - The Lantern OS
RPAC opening halted for second time - The Lantern GN
Fences gone, Oval restoration nearing completion - The Lantern GN

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