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Recap of 2004-2005 Basketball Season (20-12, 8-8 IN BIG TEN)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Basketball' started by OSUBasketballJunkie, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0


    Well, it was a very suprising season considering all the adversity this team had to face and the post season ban. I don't think Buckeye fans could have asked for a better season from this group. After three average to below average seasons, Coach Matta with a late start motivated this team to our first 20 win season in three years.

    Coach Matta has gotten the most out of this team. If you would have asked anyone before the season started what they expected from this team, the expectations were not high after the below average season last year (14-16). This team has simply suprised all of us and I want to say thanks for a great season.


    This group is not that far away from making a run at the Big 10 championship next year. In my opinion this teams chances to challenge for the title next year hinge on the development of Jamar Butler and someone stepping up and taking some minutes away from Terrance Dials in order to give him a rest, it is my hope that Terwillger or Brayden Bell can provide some quality minutes for the Bucks next year.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    (The development of Terwillger and Butler will be key for this team next year.)

    I know some of you may think this team is two or three impact players away from challenging for the title, but lets not forget the addition of Ronald Lewis (17.0ppg at BG) and Sylvester Mayes (averaging 20.3 as JC) will give us the depth and scoring power we need off of the bench next season. Also, Brayden Bell could provide quality time, he has the physical tools already (6-9, 240) to handle the post and is a capable shooter from the outside.


    This team has several areas that they are weak in and the main two are rebounding and the foul line. Rebounding is all about desire, we need to have someone other than Dials to step and grab 6-7 rebounds a game along with Sullinger and Sylvester getting their share. I would love to see Ivan Harris develop the nack for rebounding but at 6-8, 225, he needs to put on some muscle and also an attitude. It remains to be seen if he has the dedication to defense and rebounding to make an impact in this area.

    Foul shooting can be corrected, its a matter of focus and practice. We are simply terrible in this area, we only shot 65.3% from the line (313-479). Quite simply this area cost us at least 3-4 wins this year if not more. I think this area needs to see the most improvement if we want to be in the upper echlon of the Big Ten next year. The addition of Ronald Lewis will have a great impact on this area, As a Sophmore at Bowling Green Lewis was 191-of-233 (82 percent). Dials has by far the most free throw attempts on the team (109 of 177 for 62 percent). Sullinger has the next most (52 of 81 for 64 percent). I think he will make an impact in this area, but we need to vastly improve our foul shooting % as a team.


    One area where the Buckeyes greatly improved was the three point shot, this team relies on the outside shot to much at times, but during the season the team set the school record for three pointers made in a game and also three point attempts for a season. As a team we shot 36.9% from behind the arc with JJ Sullinger leading the team in % with 24-53 for 45.3%, Foster was next at 61-142 for 43.0% and then Ivan Harris at 44-103 42.7%.

    Another area of improvement from last year was our ability to defend the three point shot, we were simply horrendous last year but we were able to hold our opponents to just 32.7% from behind the arc. That was simply a result of our defensive intensity and our Coach Matta's intensity.

    Our overall team defense has improved dramatically and I know at times we struggled in this area but overall it was a improvement.


    What can you say about Dials, he was simply our best player, wether it be scoring, rebounding or defense, he did it all and I think it was a shame he was not recongnized on the first team in the Big Ten. I am proud he made second team but I think he should have been first team because he carried the Buckeyes in alot of games while facing double and triple teams and still produced. I expect great things from Dials next year, I think he will be considered the premier post player in the Big Ten next year. Averaged 16.0 and 7.9 a game. Led the team in scoring, rebounding, free throws attempted, offensive rebounds and blocks. He led the team in minutes at 32.7 minutes a game.


    After losing 4 out of 5 games and facing a road game at Northwestern and coming off a subpar win vs Penn State at home, Matta benched Stockman and Fuss-Cheatham and went with true freshman Jamar Butler and Foster at the guard spots, the result was a 65-52 win, in which we closed the game on a 20-2 run.

    It was a bold and risky move to sit two seniors at that point in the season, but it gave us some bench scoring and helped Butler and Foster to develop


    Obviously, the win vs #1 Illinois will top everyone's list as it does mine, but I think these games are worth mentioning....

    2. 77-71 win vs Texas Tech and Bobby Knight in Dallas.
    3. 57-44 win vs Indiana at home
    4. 81-69 win vs #23 Iowa at home
    5. 72-46 win vs Michigan during OSU's Junior Day

    Some of the seasons' low order of impact on the season at that time...

    1. 72-66 loss vs Wisconsin on the road, we were within 2 points twice late.
    2. 113-101 loss vs LSU on the road, great effort, devestating loss
    3. 60-56 loss vs Minnesota at home, flat performance.
    4. 52-50 loss vs Minnesota on the road, free throws cost us the win.
    5. 74-72 loss vs Iowa on the road, Dials came up with a huge effort.


    -8 of OSU's 12 losses were by 7 points or less.
    -OSU lost all 3 overtime games


    The future of the program is bright, with Matta recently signing a 8 year contract. The ongoing NCAA investigation could possibly be a stumbling block, but that remains to be seen at this point.

    With all five returning starters back for next year and the addition of Ronald Lewis, Sylvester Mayes and Brayden Bell this could be a very deep and talented team. If Terrance Dials can continue his development, he could be first team All Big Ten next year.

    I believe that the staff will look at trying to sign another post player during the spring period (we have two scholies to use) for the simple reason that Dials needs help in the post. The key to next season could very well be the ability of someone stepping up and giving Dials a rest.

    I think we will win 20+ games and be a big factor in the Big Ten and be invited to the dance (pending any NCAA announcements).

    :gobucks3: :gobucks4:
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2005
  2. Are there any teams we know we play next year ooc. Also which teams we play once or twice in the big ten. Like we only played MSU once this year.
  3. Xevious

    Xevious Recovering Arcade Junkie

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